Newish Company – Talonmark 2011 Playing Apparel Designs

Talonmark started up in 2009. I believe they are based out in Taiwan so these products might be a little pricey for Americans until they get some American distributors.

Here’s their press release for their Conqueror Line.

We would like to kick off the new year by presenting our latest designs of jerseys and pants for paintball sports, the CONQUEROR Series. We will be introducing additional products throughout the year.

Our CONQUEROR JERSEY is fashioned for maximum protection as well as superior comfort in a versatile and stylish design. Ventilation in critical heat zones and extra padding in high impact areas of the upper body keeps you cool and protected while diving, crawling and sliding.

In addition to our basic style and design, we also offer custom jersey design services.

There are three ways to create your unique jersey:

a ) Select from a large collection of stock patterns and colors offered on our website at no extra cost.

It is just so easy now to create your own jersey, check out the pattern select page at:

b ) Create a jersey design from your own favorite colors and patterns. (Extra charges may apply)

c ) For an additional fee, our professional designers can assist you in custom designing a jersey with that distinctive look for you.

Our CONQUEROR PANTS were developed with versatility in mind as well. Besides providing protection, our multi-functionality design will enhance your paintball experience.

Conquerer pants incorporate specially designed poly/nylon blend fabric for durability and heat reduction.

With removable padding for Knees, hip side, belly, you can now have exactly the level of protection and comfort you desire.

With our removable pants leg design, CONQUEROR PANTS can be use as casual shorts or to cool down after competition.

We are looking for dealers to assist us to promote the brand and products.

We are also looking to sponsor teams.

Check out more info on our website at

Some additional pictures

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