Changes for 2011 PSP Season

PSP thought that the field set ups and game play were a bit sided. They have decided to make some pretty big changes for the 2011 season so that the game is more even.

– Lengthen the field 10 feet per side (Total size will now be 120 x 170 feet)
– Eliminate Pit-side coaching and communication
– Field Layouts will not be released prior to the events
– Adjust position of bunkers to better suit a wider variety of players
– Adjust classification system for D1 – Pro, now that the Semi-Pro division is absent

This should definitely change the game this season. Especially since the field layout won’t be released until the event (get to see what teams and players can learn quickly). Bunker positioning to accommodate larger players could make it easier for the small players to move up. And the elimination of pit side coaching and communication shouldn’t really affect d3 and d4 5-man teams but x-ball teams might have some adjusting to do.

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