2009 Proto SLG


The 2009 SLG is a hybrid construction of aluminum and composite materials, providing you durability with incredible lightweight function. The SLG’s patented Self Closing Valve (SCV) 2 Piece Bolt system allows the marker to operate at a low 145psi. This low operating pressure provides superior accuracy with less paint breakage, and yields an impressive 1500 shots on a 68/4500. Newly refined features such as the pressure release safety button, clamping feedneck, aluminum trigger, internal bolt silencer, hardened steel sear, and aluminum bolt makes the SLG the clear choice in the sea of introductory markers. The 2009 SLG is a perfect example of unequaled quality, meticulous engineering, and unmatched manufacturer support, the benchmarks that make Proto the first name in paintball.

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