Virtue OLED Boards Released

I think these will be available for purchase at the Virtue booth at World Cup.

– Drill Mode – Laning, 30 sec breakout, Gun up, Reload Drill, Front Player, 3-shot snap, Endurance 50-shot, Training
– ROF meter
– Game TImer
– Organic Display
– Lube Monitor
– Zero Power Drain
– Processor TImers – Dwell, Debounce
– Audible Speaker
– Battery Monitor
– Wireless 2-way RF(sold separately w/ hopper attachment)
– PC to USB upgradable
– 4 Player Profiles – save up to 4 different custom modes
– 11 Fully Adjustable Modes of Fire – Semi, PSP, NXL, Millennium, Auto Response, Full Auto, Breakout, Burst, Ramp, Select a mode, Training
– Instant On
– Cheater Mode – Create Virtually ANY MODE you desire. This “One Mode” can create any firing mode. Create a truly custom mode based on 5 Programming Settings: Ramp Activation Speed, Ramp Percentage, Ramp Initiation, Ramp Rest Time, and Max Rate of Fire. Set the Ramp Initiation Shot Count to control how many purely semi only shots you want at the start of your string before the gun starts ramping (1-10). Once you reach the “Ramp Activation Speed” the marker will increase the rate of fire by your “Ramp Percentage” setting, up to your “Max Rate of Fire”. And finally, the Ramp Reset Time determines how long the ramping will last(in seconds) after you are no longer sustaining the Activation Speed.


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