Ike Complicates Paintball: Part Deux

Since Hurricane Ike forced NPPL to cancel the Houston event, some problems have occurred. From what I have been told, top of the line paint is made specifcally for national events (ie X-ball gold, ultra evil). The paint companies made truckloads of paint for the Houston event but for obvious reasons, were not able to sell their paint. So as of now, the paint companies have tons of paint and nothing to do with it. I’ve been told that the local fields and stores have not been contacted for paint sales from the paint companies, thus leaving me to believe that all the paint made for Houston was a waste of money and resources.

Also, many teams paid for NPPL Houston but since the event was a no go, refunds are in order. The only thing is that NPPL seems to be slacking with the refunds. NPPL is offering refunds to teams but apparently it’s taking a while, as in it’ll take at least a week before refunds are administered, at least that’s what my team was told. Another option that NPPL is offering is to transfer team payments to payments for NPPL San Diego. It’s not a bad idea but from what I saw, the majority of divisional teams were from Texas so I’m thinking that they wanted to play NPPL Houston because it’s relatively close to where they live and would not have to pay for a flight. If they were to transfer their money to San Diego, then teams would have to get more money for flights, request time off from work, and figure out school arrangements.

2 thoughts on “Ike Complicates Paintball: Part Deux”

  1. How is a week or two unreasonable to you, before refunds are made?

    Sending money back takes time, making a hundred or so checks or wire transfers in itself is a big task, when you need to have the receivers information correct the first time.

    There is also the point that NPPL needs to be sure that the money goes back to the right person or organization. They can’t send the money to a person who calls or emails them and claims to be someone who needs his money back yesterday.

    Sure getting a refund can be a pain and some companies are notorious for being slow, but expecting the money back in no-time is this sort of situation where NPPL itself has done nothing wrong, they didn’t cause the hurricane, did they? Sure if they keep the money for several weeks this sort of your post would be necessary, but now? Give them a break to handle the situation and call them out if they actually start “slacking” with them.

  2. NPPL registration is through accounts and payments are done through paypal or credit cards so refunds should be rather easy. Accounts with NPPL require password verification and ID numbers so knowing who’s who is easy as well.

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