San Diego VIP and Grandstand Tickets

Grandstand and VIP tickets have gone on sale for San Diego now. Grandstand seats are free on Friday, November 14 but not on Saturday or Sunday. Grandstand seating is there for viewing the games on the center court.


Single Day – $10.00
Both Days – $15.00

VIP ticket holders get the chance to meet the pros, get autographs, network, negotiate deals with companies, and watch the webcast on a tv. Also, you get free snacks and drinks served by the NPPL hotties. Not only do the pretty ladies of the NPPL VIP section bring food and drink but they will also be throwing free stuff.


Friday: $45
Saturday: $45
Sunday: $65
Weekend: $85

Save $10 on VIP tickets when ordered online before the event.
VIP tickets are limited to 150.

I assume that if you bought tickets for Houston, you will have the option of a refund or a transfer to San Diego since that what the options are for teams and their entry money.

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