2008 NXL All-Star Rosters

I’m a little late on this one, sorry. In case you don’t know here are the rosters for the 2008 NXL all-star match.


Boston: Aleksandr Berdnikov & Mikhail Knyazev

Tampa Bay: Bryan Smith & Ramzi El-Yousef

Philadelphia: Konstantin Federov & Ryan Moorhead

Chicago: Darcy Schlickenmayer & Nick Slowiak

Impact: Josh Davey & Justin Cornell

Avalanche: Danny Tiljak & Adam Geis


X-Factor: Archie Montemayor & Cody Bayless

Dynasty: Ryan Greenspan & Davey Williams

Oakland: Glenn Takamoto & Benigno Benedicto

Los Angeles: Oliver Lang & Mikko Huttunen

Seattle: Rocky Knuth & Mikey Lew

Aftermath: Alex Goldman & Bobby Aviles

The match will be held on Sunday, June 29, 2008. The match will consist of 3 games. The East have been the reigning champs for 2 years, the West is about due for a win.

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