NPPL Jacksonville 2008



  1. Escondido Aftermath
  2. Golden State Ironmen
  3. New England Hurricanes
  4. Oakland Blast


  1. Dynasty Entourage
  2. Impact
  3. Studio City Icemen
  4. TCP Machine

Division 1

  1. Hollywood HK
  2. Splat Kids
  3. Aftermath II
  4. Synergy

Division II

  1. Go For Broke/Miami Rage
  2. Go For Broke/Miami Rage
  3. Tombstone
  4. Brooklyn Ratpack

Division III

  1. CS Union
  2. Topgun Factory
  3. Titus
  4. SD Tension

Pump Division

  1. L.A. Hitmen
  2. Chikin Nuggetz
  3. Allstars
  4. Olde Lions East

Finals for Divisions II will be played at the next NPPL event, Buffalo , NY due to extreme weather conditions in Jacksonville.

The first 2 NPPL events have been taken by 2 teams that are in their rookie season as pro.

And for those who don’t know yet, PBNation and the NPPL are now friends again.

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