The Revolve. Some Random Prototype Gun

PBStar is all up in arms about some prototype gun an “informant” gave them pictures of. And, I guess, in order to protect this informant, they cover up the owner’s copyright with a nice, ugly PBStar logo. I think it was just so we couldn’t google it.


Here’s the deal with it, from all the research I did in . It was created by Matthew Mahoney (she’s ma honey), a designer in the UK.

The most notable part is the fact it operates partially like a revolver. The balls go into the revolving disk thing, and are rotated up into the chamber and forms part of the chamber, instead of dropping through a feedneck into a chamber.

It probably doesn’t have a bolt, or at least shouldn’t, since the revolving of the balls should create a seal to allow just air to propel it so the whole bolt action isn’t really needed to seal off the chamber from the feedneck.

In order for the whole revolving action to work, the hopper is a part of the body. It wraps around top and back of the body, instead of being put in a little tiny feedneck. But by having the body inside the already kinda small looking hopper, I think the capacity will be pretty limited.

This looks a lot like the one in a patent issued 2 years ago, but better looking. Instead of a very awkward looking orb on the back, it has a halfway decent looking hopper-like ball holder (uggh).

Anyways, PBStar only had 2 pics up, including the one above, here are all 7. The resizing of the GIFs doesn’t look too great. Click them for the full size versions. More info on this later. It’s 2:30 in the morning right now, and I’m kinda tired.







Here’s the drawing in the patent mentioned earlier


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