Splat Sports Book

Splat Magazine’s Sports Book is a page where you can pick the order which you think the teams will finish. Good idea, but horrible execution.

People want a fantasy sport-like game for paintball. FantasyPB.com tries, but falls short by using not that well known or popular leagues and it just feels clunky. The problem though is just that the amount of data that needs to be recorded for something like that to work just isn’t being recorded at this time. Plus, it can be very hard to the exact person that got someone out, which a kill statistic is a pretty important one for fantasy rankings.

Sports Book at least uses a well known league (NPPL) and well known teams. Most people know who Dynasty is, but the Niagra Falls Revolution, I’ve never heard of. But picking the teams can be incredibly annoying.

It only gives you boxes to put in the place you think they’ll finish. Don’t tell you if you have duplicates until after you submit it, which it then doesn’t tell you which ones are duplicate.

It also makes no mention on how they’re scored. It says the closest one will win some stickers. I’m assuming it gives you so many points, then subtracts some from it for the difference between your guess and the actual results. But it could be something completely different.


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