acquires Correct spelling not required.

So the site (yes, their name includes the .net part), acquires Not sure what the whole terms were, but I think it went something like this:– Hey, I’ll give $50 for– $50? Hell yeah, man. Should we warn people of this?– No, no, they’ll be more likely to leave them. Let’s just surprise them one day.– Sweet. Can’t wait till I get that $50.

And since they didn’t tell any of the pb-addict members, everyone is mad about it. All 3 of them. Maybe 4.

And what about the traffic? Basically crap. is leading the pack, but it has about the same or lower reach than my personal blog.


And you also have to love how he misspelled ‘acquires’ in the title of his post. What, your spell checker doesn’t work in text boxes?

But enough on pointless acquisitions today, back to news that might affect more than 5 people.

4 thoughts on “ acquires Correct spelling not required.”

  1. Wait, is this the news, or is it 3rd grade?

    It’s called a MISTAKE. Try doing it once and a while, you’ll loosen up a bit and live longer.

    Alexa is a horrible way to represent the traffic of a site anyways…

    Also, acquired an additional 3,000 users, not 3 or 4.

    Tisk tisk.

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