Tadao Signs Deal With The Devil

Err, Smart Parts.

Smart Parts was able to put another company in their pocket. This time it’s little ol’ board-maker Tadao.

Usually, they go after gun companies for all their fancy/bullshit patents they have on electronic paintball guns, like the fact that they have a switch. Going after just a board-maker was probably a fresh change for them.

It could be because of their patent on Ion boards. Yup, if you make a board that looks like that, not including all those holes, no matter what the use, you gonna get sued.

Or for their Ion eye board. Make a u-shaped board with LED’s on it, you’re screwed.

So I’m thinking it’s for their Raider Ion board.

Now, it could mean that their coming out with a gun in the near future, which would be freakin’ sweet, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

So to anyone looking to make a baord for the Ion, you might have some troubles with the big ol’ devil Smart Parts.