We would like to go to Cup, and in order to do that without spending a lot of money out of our pockets, which we don’t have due to the whole college thing, we’re going to try some sort of advertising system.

We’re still testing the waters here. Formats and options could probably change in the future.

Format 1

Currently, we’re going to sell 160×600 ad on the sidebar for $50 a month. This can be an image, flash, or an iframe, and cannot be annoying or highly disruptive. All ads have to be approved. Currently there will only be at most 3 spots sold a month on a first come, first served basis and sold on a month to month basis. Currently, one can expect somewhere around ,2,000 impressions a week.

Format 2

Next, we’re going to sell a link on a single post. This will be seen by people who read this site by using RSS feeds, email updates, or other content aggregator. It will also be displayed on site for 30 days after the post time. This will be sold for each post for $20 a post with at most a 6 post queue. Sp, if you order one today and there is no queue, and there is a post tomorrow, your ad will be displayed on that post. You can also request that your advertisement shouldn’t show up or just show up on posts about certain topics. It can be up to 300 characters with up to 2 links and consist of only text.

To order an ad or find out more information, contact [email protected].

Here is an example of the single post advertisement as it will appear on the site:

Advertisement: For the most comprehensive paintball news site, check out Paintball Headlines

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