Xtreme Paintball – NPPL Enters The Can’t Categorize Shows Category

Since watching people play paintball on TV gets boring quickly. They think they’re going to have more luck with their new adventure entitled Xtreme Paintball. If you thought that was already a name of some crappy online store, you’re correct. I mentioned this earlier, but now it has a name and is starting tomorrow.

It’s a 13 episode series that follows around 9 players while they do things. It’s a fresh change from the filming of matches with the occasional 30-second interview at the end. I don’t think it’ll win any Emmy’s, but hopefully it’ll be able to keep my attention for more than a few episodes, which can’t be said about previous paintball TV shows.

It’s called a docudrama, though, unless it’s scripted, which would be a complete failure, it would fall in the category of a reality TV show. A docudrama would be something like Arrested Development, quite the sweet show, not something like Jackass. I guess docudrama sounds cooler and less used than reality tv show, even if it’s completely wrong.

Anyways, it starts tomorrow at 4:30 PM Eastern (and maybe Pacific) on FSN and continues every Tuesday till Christmas Day.

Here’s the promo:

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