Official list of NPPL Professional teams for 2013

Looks like Pro NPPL is almost dead. Only Dynasty and Xfactor playing PSP also.

7 new teams (9-15 on the list), and Phoenix Contact only played one in 2012.

1. San Diego Dynasty
2. DC Arsenal
3. San Antonio X Factor
4. Vancouver Vendetta
5. San Francisco Explicit
6. New England Avalanche
7. Portland Uprising
8. Phoenix Contact
9. Camp Pendleton Raiders
10. New Orleans Warped Army
11. Orange County Flashpoint
12. Philadelphia Energy
13. Fort Wayne Outlaws
14. Buffalo Crush
15. LA Paintball Gateway


Chicago Event Shirts and then some

Virtue will be introducing the On-demand PSP shirt at 2011 Chicago.

These shirts offer you a more diverse selection of colors for your paintball shirt collection. When I first read this I thought it was choose a color shirt and one of the three logos then those would be laid under the Chicago design. Sadly, I was mistaken. Basically, you choose a shirt color and a logo of your choice is heat pressed on to the shirt.

PSP On-demand shirts will be $15 at the Virtue booth

The event shirt is similar to last years shirt. The Chicago skyline with a paintball flare. The event shirts come in black and blue. Event shirts will be $20 at the Virtue booth.

The event jersey is pretty cool looking. Like the Galveston event jersey, it is still rocking the camo look. I think I just like it because there’s a tommy gun on it. Event jerseys will be $80 at the Virtue booth.

PSP Webcast is Back

PSP is bringing the webcast back for the Chicago Open. The event starts on June 23, 2011 but the webcast will be of the pro games on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26.

I wish they would broadcast the lower divisions the first 2 days so that I can watch my team play. That being said, I won’t be posting pics of this years Chicago Open since I am unable to attend it this year.