Paintball ON-Demand

Much like Time-Warner/Comcast or any other tv type of thing, you now have on-demand with paintball. You can watch USPL Huntington Beach or PSP MAO.

I’d also like to comment on how I do not like the new web design for PSP. I do like the layout that USPL has for their site. PSP’s more user friendly site is stupid, it took me a while to find the stupid webcast while USPL had a nice videos link at the top of the page with all their other links. Also, it takes longer to load the PSP site than the USPL site. Anyways, this was just a silly rant about how I very much dislike the new PSP website.

MAO Scores

Pro RaceTo – 7
1st – Los Angeles Ironmen
2nd – Philadelphia Americans
3rd – Tampa Bay Damage
4th – Dynasty

Semi-Pro RaceTo – 7
1st – Aftermath II
2nd – RNT Allstarz
3rd – Sacramento XSV
4th – Vicious

DI RaceTo – 5
1st – Seattle CDR
2nd – TBD Fierce
3rd – Cross Eyed Paintball
4th – Palm Beach Venom

DII RaceTo – 5
1st – Team Unlimited
2nd – Cross Eyed Paintball Grey
3rd – Total Karnage
4th – Palm Beach Vipers Black

DIII RaceTo – 4
1st – Boom
2nd – No Limit
3rd – Wired
4th – Nor*Car Hype

DIII RaceTo – 2
1st – Inertia
2nd – WiseGuys
3rd – Tyranny
4th – CV aka East Coast Bullfighters

DIV RaceTo – 2

1st – Coalition
2nd- Amped
3rd – Team Unlimited
4th – Cincinnati Devastation Black