Young Guns Tourney at PSP Chicago

This tourney is FREE for players between the ages of 12-18 and that have no PSP or national level experience. Players will abide by modified PSP rules under the race to 2 format. Guns are capped at 8bps and players are allotted only 150 paintballs. Guns and paint will be supplied at the event. There is a 24 team max and teams must purchase at least 5 APPA id’s.

Young Guns Tourney
– FREE (Must purchase at least 5 id’s…that’s where they get ya)
– Ages 12-18
– Race to 2
– 8 BPS
– Hopper Ball
– 24 Team Cap

PSP Introduces New Divisions at Chicago 2009

DIV RaceTo-4 has been added for this event and will be an opportunity for teams to try the back-to-back point format of RaceTo-4. Only two D3 players will be allowed on a D4 roster.

Teams competing in DIV RaceTo-4 can register onsite at the event beginning on Tuesday, June 23rd. Competition will begin on Wednesday and run through Sunday. The first and second place teams will receive ½ off an entry fee for DIV RaceTo-4 at the 2009 World Cup! Prizes are non-transferrable and will only be valid for that event.

Classification Roster Size Game Time Max ROF Penalties
DIV 5 to 8 10 10bps 1-4-1’s & 2-4-1’s

The Chicago Open will also host DII RaceTo-2. This is the only division open to players that are also playing RaceTo-4 and RaceTo-5. Only one D1 player will be allowed per roster. No Semi-Pro or Pro players will be allowed. For classification purposes, this event will only count as D3.

Registration for DII RaceTo-2 will remain open until Friday, June 26th for those teams that just can’t get enough play time. Competition will run Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that while the DII RaceTo-2 preliminary rounds will not conflict with DII RaceTo-5 or DIII RaceTo-4, it is possible for later rounds to overlap with finals. No adjustments or refunds will be made for conflicting schedules resulting from players playing in both DII RaceTo-2 and another division.