MSXL Indy Open Layout

Indy Open Layout

First I’d like to say Congratulations to all the MSXL Family we have exceeded our record setting 2014 participation after only the 2nd event of 2015! Enjoy the Indy Open Layout!

For Indy we will be going back to regular season pricing and event schedule! D5 will be 5man the remainder of the season. We have also added D6 3man as the true beginners division for only $100 entry no ID required for this division only. Please promote this new division and the MSXL at all your local fields as the growth of our sport is paramount and begins with YOU!

We have enjoyed incredibly positive feedback and reviews from almost every team in the MSXL family! With that said we are looking for ways to make your experience even better. Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome. You may be seeing something we are missing so let us hear your feedback please. You can text me personally @ 2709932239 or email @ [email protected]! Please keep in mind our primary goal is to grow tournament paintball by providing affordable well ran events. There is still time to get your team in this amazing event! With 73 teams registered the Indy Open is filling up fast!


July Issue Paintball Magazine – 30 pages NXL Cleveland, D-Day, Castle – 156 PAGES

The July issue of Paintball Magazine is live and free for your reading, watching, liking, rating and sharing pleasure. This issue featured 30+ pages of NXL Great Lakes Open Coverage, plus Oklahoma D-Day and Castle Conquest scenario game coverage. Check out the new Shocker form Shocker Paintball, team features, interviews, new products and much more! READ IT HERE: http://Paintball.Media/july-issue-paintball-magazine/

World’s First .50 Cal Paintball Pod Now Available!

Does your local field do 50 Cal Low Impact Paintball?

Introducing the World’s First .50 caliber Paintball Pod.

We’ve been doing .50 cal low impact at Paintball Arkansas for about a year now, and have seriously noticed the lack of industry support for accessories for low impact rental equipment. Which is why we ventured out and had our own .50 cal pod made. I’m branching out to offer this to other fields who may also be interested in pods for .50 cal play.

It is made in the USA and is very durable. These will GREATLY outlast your standard paintball pod, so comparing prices here with the overseas 140 (.68)round pod is comparing apples to oranges.

We see the future in .50 cal for fields and bringing new players into the sport. We were spending much more on plastic baggies over a period of time, as well as not looking professional and handing out a subpar product to our customer.

Also, these will hold around 37 (.68) paintballs for players that may be looking for something bigger than your standard 10 round tube, but less than a 50 round pod.

We hope we can help your field. Feel free to post questions or comments.
World Domination Paintball
Paintball Arkansas

PLEASE EMAIL/Call if you would like to order

Cleveland Browns NFL team plays paintball


Originally Posted by Andrew Gribble

Mike Pettine rewards players for hard work with unique team-building exercise

There was some extra juice to the Browns’ OTA on Thursday. Joel Bitonio noticed it and immediately understood why.

Before the practice started, Mike Pettine revealed to the team it wouldn’t go through a traditional OTA on Friday. Instead, the Browns coach told the players to prepare for a morning full of paintball to officially close out the OTA portion of Cleveland’s offseason workout program.

“I think they were a little unsure because a lot of guys hadn’t paintballed before, but they were excited,” said Bitonio, Cleveland’s second-year left guard. “Anytime a coach throws you a bone like that and says we’re going to have fun as a team, it helps with morale of the team.”

This was a new wrinkle from Pettine in his second year as the Browns’ coach, but it wasn’t the first off-field team bonding exercise he’s implemented. After a training camp practice last year, the players went as a team to the movies.

With a number of new faces, both young and old, dotting the 90-man roster, Friday’s excursion proved to be another important step toward building the intangible unity that holds strong on and off the field.

“I think it helps the team in a couple of senses,” Bitonio said. “The teamwork aspect of it, I think we’re kind of working together in atmospheres we haven’t been a part of. That kind of helps you put things in perspective. If you can do it out here, maybe we can do it on the football field a little better. Another thing is it kind of shows the team if you work hard and are dedicated, the coach is going to give you some time and throw you a bone and help you out.”

The teams were a mix of players, support staff members and coaches and they transcended the typical groupings that work together on a daily basis. Bitonio said his team included two familiar faces in fellow offensive linemen Mitchell Schwartz and Joe Thomas, but also included defensive lineman Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery, assistant offensive line coach George DeLeone and a mix of other linebackers and defensive backs. To the surprise of few, Thomas emerged as the team’s leader, Bitonio said.

There was just no beating Pettine’s team, which was “really loaded” with players such as defensive lineman Billy Winn and offensive lineman Ryan Seymour, who had sizeable paintball experience.

“They kind of really didn’t tell you about it so you kind of get out there and learn to cope with your teammates,” Bitonio said. “We weren’t the greatest team. I was kind of a moving target out there but it was fun.”

Establishing a positive culture within the team has been one of Pettine’s top goals since he arrived in Berea last year, and the progress has been noticeable. It goes far deeper than one day of paintball, too.

“We’re in Year 2 of the Pettine regime and I think people are buying into understanding what it takes,” Bitonio said. “We won seven games, which is a big step for the Browns, but it’s not where we want to be. I think people understand if we do the right things around here, we can turn things around and win some football games.”…4-9158e19d41f9