More Tournament Dates

Todays news is just about as exciting as yesterdays and just about as old.

First we have the PSP, which sadly, isn’t coming anywhere near Texas.

Event #1
Dates: March 6th-9th
Location: TBD – Phoenix, AZ or Southern California
Mid-Atlantic Open
Dates: May 8th-11th
Location: PBC Sports Park, Rock Hill, SC
Chicago Open
Dates: June 25th-29th
Location: Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL
Northeast Open
Dates: August 14th-17th
Location: All American Paintball Park, Greensburg, PA
World Cup*
Dates: October 20th-26th
Location: Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex, Orlando, FL

The we have the Millennium Series, which has a huge lake between it and Texas.

4th – 6th of April: Iberia
23rd – 25th of May: London or Germany
4th – 6th of July: Toulouse
5th – 7th of September: Germany or London
10th – 12th of October: Paris

Then we have the NEPL, which manages to stay almost 2000 miles away the whole time, assuming they’re at Cape Cod Paintball for each event like last time.

Event 1: April 27, 2008
Event 2: June 8, 2008
Event 3: August 3, 2008
Event 4: September 14, 2008
Event 5: November 2, 2008

Sorry for the lackluster posts. This isn’t too much of a triumphant return. News should start picking up sometime soon hopefully.

PSP River City Open Round Up

Another PSP is over, and like usual, not much happened. Bea Youngs tried her hand at micro-blogging, which was kinda interesting, but the format that it was presented was just lacking. This should’ve been posted yesterday, or really Sunday, but my connection has been a little quirky lately.

But, PBStar does have some footage of the event. I’ve embedded the 3 videos after the scores and jump.

Anyways, Russian Legion, err Boston Red Legion, won the event with Dynasty taking second and the Naughty Dogs and Ironmen filling out third and fourth.

Here are the scores


  1. Boston Red Legion
  2. Dynasty
  3. Naughty Dogs
  4. Ironmen


  1. Avalanche X
  2. San Diego Aftermath
  3. Team Impact
  4. Tampa Bay Damage

D2 Xball

  1. Drama Paintball
  3. TX Justice League
  4. The Caste

D3 Xball

  1. DBS Kidz
  2. Hershey Heat

D3 5-Man

  1. No Limit
  2. Disposable Heroes
  3. Team Encounter
  4. PBD

D4 5-Man

    1. WHO WHAT
    2. DBS
    3. Marked for Life
    4. Chicago WiseGuys 2

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Bea Youngs Covering The NXL Via Blog


Bea Youngs is going to cover the NXL on She’s going to be covering NXL matches, so I assume she’ll post something like, team x beat team y XX to YY points, and maybe, if something interesting happens, she’ll mention that. It might be entertaining for a bit.

Though, of course, I have to critique everything.

First, only half of the links really work. Want to read the comments of a post? Click the ‘Read More’ image. Nothing else will get you there. Then visited links will have strike-through through them, which just seems stupid.

It doesn’t really look too bad, except that the header takes up nearly all of the view port at the beginning, so you’ll be scrolling a lot to read anything.

But most the annoying part is that there is no RSS feed, or at least one I could find. The CMS has RSS feed support, so why aren’t you using it? If you do, I’ll guarantee you’ll have at least one subscriber.

Anyways, this isn’t the best way to do it at all. First, in order to update, you have to have a computer with internet access, unless you have nice smart phone. So updates are probably not going to be that frequent.

What you’re doing, or at least what I think you’re trying to do, is micro-blog, sending short messages about your status and what’s going on using something like Twitter which will allow you to update via text messages. You can now update whenever and wherever.

Now, if anyone wants to actually do micro-blogging with Twitter (or a clone), let me know. I’ll gladly write about it and promote it.

If you’re wondering, they’re using ExpressionEngine, which I’ve never really heard of, though it’s pretty obvious I haven’t been missing anything. WordPress is a much better choice.

LTZ Now Officially Out Of The NXL

First Legacy, and now LTZ.

LTZ confirmed that they’re leaving the NXL and team owner, Monroe, will be getting out of paintball.

LTZ will finish up the season with the NPPL, however.

Since this post seems really short, here’s the full post on that PBStar so blatantly copy and pasted.

TEAM LTZ’s Owner made a formal announcement on Tuesday (7/17/07) and it’s with a heavy heart that he has pulled the plug on his Pro X-Ball program. Citing many issues from the Teams recent finishes, to the Teams attitude as well as their efforts; it was the best decision for everyone involved said Monroe! “I thought long and hard about this decision and spent sometime on the phone with the Teams biggest sponsors to assure I was making the right decision for everyone involved. Correspondence was sent to the league on Tuesday evening confirming the Teams withdrawal from the NXL and apologies were sent along with it to the league officials and other Team Owners for any inconvenience this may have caused. The entire LTZ organization wishes the Pro X-Ball division and its remaining teams the best throughout the rest of the season and good luck to all of you!

As for the NPPL Super 7 Pro Teams status, they will finish out the year but it will be without Monroe leading the charge. The Team will be co-captained/managed for the last two events of 2007 by Adam Ellis and Shane Howe and they will be making all of the decisions for the Team. If you have any questions regarding the Super 7 Team please e-mail either one of these two players and they can answer your questions. Their e-mails can be found on the websites roster page and then click on their name!

What does this mean for Monroe? Right now we don’t have those answers. What we do know is that paintball is out of the picture while he works on his new sponsorship programs that will reach out to many athletes (Pro and non-pro) in a wide variety of sports, as well as his motor sports programs. All of us here in the LTZ camp wish him the best in his future endeavors and we can only hope that one day he and his daughter will return to paintball…


What To Do At The River City Open

The PSP has posted things to do in Omaha when you’re at the River City Open.

First, you can go to The Old Market. I’m sure of the loads of fun you’ll have there. You can’t spell fun without Old Market. No wait, you can, easily, but tame can’t be.

If markets aren’t your thing, then you can get drunk with Creighton University students at various clubs. Go Bluejays!

Yes, since that’s something to brag about when there will be a lot of young kids there. I’m sure parents are looking forward to Saturday night specials at the Shark Club. $2.50 Cuervo shots and $1 secret ninja shots?!?!? Holy crap, I’m there. Right after someone buys me a plane ticket.

But if going to some market and getting wasted aren’t your alley, then go to one of three casinos located nearby. Just try not to lose all the paint money. But if you do, it gives you an excuse to get wasted with college students.

The PSP looks awesome.