Joy Wins The Campaign Cup

Totally slept through this one. I guess that’s what happens when your event is on the other side of a big ocean.

But, Joy Division beat Moscow Phoenix to win the CPL division of the Campaign Cup. Not much of a surprise, since they were at the top of the rankings coming into the tournament and did well in Boston.

Not sure what else to say, so here are the scores


  1. Joy Stockholm
  2. Moscow Phoenix
  3. London Nexus
  4. Marsielle Icon


  1. Budapest Bullets
  2. Brussels Crossfire
  3. Birmingham Disruption
  4. Chilli Peppers Riga

Division 1

  1. Electrons
  2. Orbero Malicious
  3. Royal
  4. Conxion

Division 2

  1. 7eme Compaigne
  2. Grin
  3. Fe
  4. Xtreme Paintball

LTZ Now Officially Out Of The NXL

First Legacy, and now LTZ.

LTZ confirmed that they’re leaving the NXL and team owner, Monroe, will be getting out of paintball.

LTZ will finish up the season with the NPPL, however.

Since this post seems really short, here’s the full post on that PBStar so blatantly copy and pasted.

TEAM LTZ’s Owner made a formal announcement on Tuesday (7/17/07) and it’s with a heavy heart that he has pulled the plug on his Pro X-Ball program. Citing many issues from the Teams recent finishes, to the Teams attitude as well as their efforts; it was the best decision for everyone involved said Monroe! “I thought long and hard about this decision and spent sometime on the phone with the Teams biggest sponsors to assure I was making the right decision for everyone involved. Correspondence was sent to the league on Tuesday evening confirming the Teams withdrawal from the NXL and apologies were sent along with it to the league officials and other Team Owners for any inconvenience this may have caused. The entire LTZ organization wishes the Pro X-Ball division and its remaining teams the best throughout the rest of the season and good luck to all of you!

As for the NPPL Super 7 Pro Teams status, they will finish out the year but it will be without Monroe leading the charge. The Team will be co-captained/managed for the last two events of 2007 by Adam Ellis and Shane Howe and they will be making all of the decisions for the Team. If you have any questions regarding the Super 7 Team please e-mail either one of these two players and they can answer your questions. Their e-mails can be found on the websites roster page and then click on their name!

What does this mean for Monroe? Right now we don’t have those answers. What we do know is that paintball is out of the picture while he works on his new sponsorship programs that will reach out to many athletes (Pro and non-pro) in a wide variety of sports, as well as his motor sports programs. All of us here in the LTZ camp wish him the best in his future endeavors and we can only hope that one day he and his daughter will return to paintball…


PB2X Bought By Pacific Paintball, Now More Official

We had this story 5 days ago, but now the NPPL is announcing that PB2X magazine has been bought by Pacific Paintball who also happen to own them.

No new information has been released really, and I don’t really feel like typing up a lot for this, so here’s the whole press release.

Pacific Paintball is pleased to announce the acquisition of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine, the preeminent paintball industry magazine. “Pacific Paintball is dedicated to building the finest media based company in paintball. We are a one stop shop for anyone who wants to market to the paintball world,” said Shawn Walker, President of Pacific Paintball. “Now with the industry’s top magazine – Paintball 2Xtremes, the greatest Paintball Tournament Series in the world – the NPPL, the highly successful regional league – the XPSL, the popular live tournament web cast –, the upcoming paintball television series airing on Fox Sports Net beginning this October, Pacific Paintball is uniquely positioned to provide industry and non-industry advertisers with a variety of media opportunities that reach paintball’s highly sought after audience and to continue its leadership role as a key supporter of the paintball industry.”

Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine (PB2X) was established in 1996 by John and Mike Henry and later purchased by National Paintball Supply in 2000. John Amodea, who was brought in as the magazine editor in 2000, will continue to serve as editor-in-chief of PB2X. Cheryl Amaya, Publisher of PB2X, said, “We are very excited about joining the Pacific Paintball family and about their desire to continue to grow PB2X. We are also pleased that all of our current management team will be staying with the magazine. This will allow us to continue to provide our readers with the best coverage of all aspects of paintball including; scenario ball, recreational ball, tournament play, professional teams, technical reviews, market news, and local coverage.”

Mr. Walker added, “We plan to invest significant time and resources into PB2X to increase all aspects of the magazine’s offerings, which readers will see over time. The transition will be seamless, with the October issue the first under Pacific Paintball’s management.”

Pacific Paintball was formed by Pacific Merchant Capital (“PMC”), a Santa Barbara, California based investment group. The principals at PMC have owned/operated middle market radio stations as well as built several niche media companies, including the largest taxi top advertising company in the United States, which is currently an integral part of Clear Channel Communications’ outdoor division. In addition to Pacific Paintball, PMC is currently building Brite Media Group, a leading alternative media business.

[Via Mailing List]

PbNation to NPPL, We’re Sorry, Kinda

pbnvsnppl-cropped.pngThe stupid saga of PbNation and NPPL continues.

Now, Ed won’t close the NPPL forum, but the ban on and are still there. Way to stand up for something only half-assed.

And the thread is now full of mods and admins trying to defend the owner’s dumbass actions. He should’ve never gotten involved in the first place. If anyone should’ve gotten involved, it would be MWAG, Derder, or Traumahead, not PbNation. But have any of them made a statement? Not to my knowledge. They’re keeping quiet, probably trying to talk to the NPPL or just let it happen and just filmed the other fields.

And, is any other site getting involved with this? Nope. They aren’t going to touch it with a 20 foot pole. It’s a bonehead move to ban the largest (or second, I don’t really know) tournament series.

And they’re still saying that they’re doing it for the “little guy”. Bullshit. When has PbNation been for the little guy? O, that’s right, never. This is all about the possible loss of revenue from MWAG.

Also, the supposed shaft they all were getting? Not so bad. The NPPL told them a week before hand and didn’t charge for the media passes, supposedly. Others, ones related to PbNation, are saying they got the Joan Collins special. I’m thinking no one has the facts straight, but I’ve got to side with the NPPL on this one until I hear otherwise.

But we still have ridiculous statements from mods.

So reminiscent of the Smart Parts thing. Rational thinking vs. Hype. Sacrifice morals for profit.

What? Why the hell haven’t you banned Smart Parts then? They’ve pulled so much more crap than the NPPL has ever done. But has PbNation ever made a stand against them? Hell no. I guess it’s probably due to all the money they give you to advertise. And you wonder why people doubt you.

All you care about is money. You care about paintball indirectly. It brings in the money, so you have to care about it. If you don’t, the money dries up.

To PbNation. You don’t find out how much power you have until you have none at all. You’re pretty close to none.

NPPL Boston Wrap-Up

The Boston NPPL has come to a close. It’s been an interesting one with Fox Sports filming it’s TV show, causing controversy by closing off the center field for filming by smaller companies, with PbNation being a dumbass the whole way.

But what about the important part, how the teams did? The Portland Naughty Dogs did great during the prelims, only losing 1 game, but failed to bring that momentum into the “Elite 8” where they finished 6th.

Dynasty, who made 4th in the prelims, went into the finals in the number 1 spot playing Infamous, while the All Americans played Joy Division.

Dynasty beat Infamous with 2 wins and a draw, while Joy Division beat the All Americans in 2 games.

For the semi-pro division, Texas native X-Factor took home the gold beating Aftermath. Rock-It Kids placed first in Division I taking out everybody’s favorite team, or not, HK in the “Elite 8.” SYP Epic and FYT won in Division II and III respectively.

Top 4 from each division:


  1. San Diego Dynasty
  2. Los Angeles Infamous
  3. Stockholm Joy Division
  4. Pittsburgh All Americans


  1. SA X-Factor
  2. SD Aftermath
  3. Boston Paintball
  4. Redz Infamy

Division I:

  1. Rock-It Kids
  2. Naughty by Nature
  3. Dynasty Entourage
  4. Miami Devious

Division II:

  1. SCP Epic
  2. NeX
  3. Splat Kids
  4. STD Factory

Division III:

  1. FYT
  2. Team RNT
  3. Air Assault Factory
  4. Storm Riders