NPPL Partners Up With American Airlines

The National Professional Paintball League is partnering with American Airlines to provide you a minimum savings of 5%, the discount is even greater from certain departing cities.

To make a reservation, please call American Airlines Meeting Services Desk at 1-800-433-1790 from anywhere in the United States or Canada or go to and refer to the Promotional Code below.

Surf City USA Open Huntington Beach Event:
Dates: Mar 30, 2011- April 04, 2011 Destinations: LAX-BUR/LAX/ONT/SNA
Promotional Code: 9731DS

Chicago Event:
Dates: May 18, 2011- May 23, 2011 Destinations: ORD-CHICAGO OHARE
Promotional Code: 9151BY

Washington DC Event:
Dates: Sep 14, 2011- Sep 19, 2011 Destinations: DCA-BWI/DCA/IAD
Promotional Code: 6591AJ

Las Vegas Event:
Dates: Nov 9, 2011- Nov 15, 2011 Destinations: LAS-LAS VEGAS
Promotional Code: 86N1AS

Please note: there will be a separate ticketing charge of $20.00 USD for tickets purchased via the phone or $30.00 USD for tickets purchased at the airport. This amount is subject to change. There is no ticketing fee for reservations made and ticketed online at The percentage discount can be booked on-line for American Airlines and American Eagle flights only.

For International originating guests, please call your local reservations number and refer the Promotional Code.

XSV Shoots Empire Axe for 2011

Empire Paintball announces that pro paintball team, Sacramento XSV, will play the NPPL series with the Empire AXE Marker.

“The team has been very impressed with the performance of the gun,” said Rich Telford of Sacramento XSV. “I remember a time when a great, pro-level marker needed to be out of this world expensive! Times have changed and in the twenty-first century, a paintball gun can be both affordable and ready for competition – and Empire Axe is it.”

Thomas Taylor of XSV said, “The AXE is light, fast, accurate and compact… all the things I need in a paintball gun! For anyone who plays as aggressive and up the field as I do, the new Empire Axe is the perfect choice! I can’t wait to hit the snake with my Axe in 2011!”

Last month, Empire Paintball released the new Empire AXE Marker. On first glance, the marker may look like a Mini, but once the marker is shot, it is a completely different story:

Extended grip and trigger frame and ergonomic grip for maximum comfort
Smooth and stable firing platform with feather light kick
Easy maintenance with unique push-button bolt out back design
Adjustable bearing trigger with micro-switch activation
On/Off ASA with integrated pressure regulator
“Empire is proud to have XSV shooting our new AXE marker,” said Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing. “The feedback on the performance of the gun has already exceeded our expectations. From internal field testers, to external reviews, this gun shoots like butter. Having a Pro Team shooting the marker further justifies its high level of performance.”

NPPL Surf City Open

NPPL Huntington Beach is April 1-3, 2011. Registration opened this morning at 8am.

Take advantage of the NPPL’s early bird special stimulus package. Teams that pay in full for the year will receive $200 off entry fee for each event, a $800 value. Teams will also receive; 7 passes for grandstand for the entire season, 2 VIP passes for Huntington Beach and Las Vegas, first initial ID cards, 7 Huntington Beach T-shirts, and 4 pit passes for each event. This is over a $900 value! You don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!!!! Limited time only.


Pump Division – $1000

Division 4 5 Man – $1200

Division 3 7 Man – $1825

Division 2 7 Man – $2100

Division 1 7 Man – $2275

Pro Division – $3500

NPPL Board of Directors appoints new positions and structure for 2011

Here is the new NPPL Team who will lead the sport into the future:

The NPPL is proud to announce the appointment of Mike Peverill as President of the NPPL. Mike comes to the NPPL with many years of experience not only as a former NPPL player and promoter of events, but also as a successful industry leader who runs paintball marketing and promotional seminars. Mike owns Pev’s Paintball and his field hosts the NPPL Washington DC Challenge. Mike is also an owner of the NPPL.

The league has also appointed Tom Cole to be the Commissioner. Tom will be responsible for the enforcement of the NPPL rules and running the PRO referee association. Tom will be present at each of the NPPL events assisted by Dan Perez and Gary Shows as Ultimate Referees.

Chuck Hendsch, former Commissioner and one of the owners of the NPPL will move into a Chief Operating Officer role focused on event logistics.

Bart Yachimec, owner of Edmonton Impact, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and will run the Board of Directors.

Frank Connell, owner Saint Louis Avalanche, is Vice President of Sales and will oversee Team Registration and Membership Services.

Dennis Olsen, owner Chicago Legend, is Chief Financial Officer handling accounting and finances.

Eric Crandall of San Diego Dynasty is General Manager and will focused on league contracts and negotiations.

Mike McDonald, owner Vancouver Vendetta, is Vice President of IT and will oversee the website, web cast and social media for the League.

Jeff Trainer, the newest owner of the NPPL, is Vice President of Marketing and will utilize his extensive business background and contacts to focus on non-endemic sponsorship, TV and promotions.

Stephen “Junior” Brown of Team XSV is Director of Sponsorship responsible for paintball industry sponsors and onsite sponsor coordination.

Rich Telford, owner Team XSV, is Director of the Rules Committee and responsible for the creation of new rules and changes to existing rules.

Valerie Evans is the League’s office manager and in charge of membership services. Jung Hong from Three on Designs handles graphic design and Chris Iaquinta form Splat Magazine handles media relations.

New Bunkers for NPPL

Sup-Air the official bunker sponsor of the National Professional Paintball League has created a new NPPL bunker kit for the 2011 tournament season. Together the NPPL and Sup Air have decided to eliminate the center U. The League will also eliminate two small cakes and one small dorito from the 2010 field. The new upgrade kit will replace these obstacles with two large cubes and two giant wings. The Official 2011 NPPL Field will still have 44 bunkers, eliminating 3 small bunkers plus the U and replace with 2 Giant wings and 2 large cubes. The 2011 field will offer many different options for the NPPL Field Design Committee to create dynamic play fields. The goal is to provide larger bunkers on the field making it harder to get eliminations off the break and promote longer games.

2011 NPPL field: (44 bunkers)
4 Temples
4 Mayan Temples
6 Giant Beams
4 Cakes
4 Cylinders
4 Medium Cylinders
4 Medium Doritos
4 Small Doritos
2 Bumpers
4 Bricks
2 NPPL Cubes
2 Giant Wings (center bunkers)
New for the season 2011:
2 Giant Wings
2 NPPL Cubes