NPPL Jacksonville 2008



  1. Escondido Aftermath
  2. Golden State Ironmen
  3. New England Hurricanes
  4. Oakland Blast


  1. Dynasty Entourage
  2. Impact
  3. Studio City Icemen
  4. TCP Machine

Division 1

  1. Hollywood HK
  2. Splat Kids
  3. Aftermath II
  4. Synergy

Division II

  1. Go For Broke/Miami Rage
  2. Go For Broke/Miami Rage
  3. Tombstone
  4. Brooklyn Ratpack

Division III

  1. CS Union
  2. Topgun Factory
  3. Titus
  4. SD Tension

Pump Division

  1. L.A. Hitmen
  2. Chikin Nuggetz
  3. Allstars
  4. Olde Lions East

Finals for Divisions II will be played at the next NPPL event, Buffalo , NY due to extreme weather conditions in Jacksonville.

The first 2 NPPL events have been taken by 2 teams that are in their rookie season as pro.

And for those who don’t know yet, PBNation and the NPPL are now friends again.

NPPL 2008 Dates

I know these are kinda old, but they are interesting, mainly because they are coming to Houston, which is awesome.

The PSP came to Texas couple of years ago, and it was a pretty big failure, but hopefully this time it won’t be freezing and since more people live in Houston than in Round Rock, kids shouldn’t go as crazy as they did last time.

They’re also heading to New York, supposedly for people from Toronto. Heading to Toronto would be even cooler, but whatever.

Anyways, here are the dates:

March 28 – 30, 2008 (Confirmed)
On the Beach
Huntington Beach, California

May 16 – 18, 2008 (Confirmed)
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville, Florida

July 18 – 20, 2008 (Confirmed)
Ralph Wilson Stadium
Home of the Buffalo Bills
Buffalo, New York

September 19 – 21, 2008 (Confirmed)
Reliant Stadium
Home of the Houston Texans
Houston, Texas

November 14 – 16, 2008*
Qualcomm Stadium
Home of the San Diego Chargers
San Diego, California

Xtreme Paintball – NPPL Enters The Can’t Categorize Shows Category

Since watching people play paintball on TV gets boring quickly. They think they’re going to have more luck with their new adventure entitled Xtreme Paintball. If you thought that was already a name of some crappy online store, you’re correct. I mentioned this earlier, but now it has a name and is starting tomorrow.

It’s a 13 episode series that follows around 9 players while they do things. It’s a fresh change from the filming of matches with the occasional 30-second interview at the end. I don’t think it’ll win any Emmy’s, but hopefully it’ll be able to keep my attention for more than a few episodes, which can’t be said about previous paintball TV shows.

It’s called a docudrama, though, unless it’s scripted, which would be a complete failure, it would fall in the category of a reality TV show. A docudrama would be something like Arrested Development, quite the sweet show, not something like Jackass. I guess docudrama sounds cooler and less used than reality tv show, even if it’s completely wrong.

Anyways, it starts tomorrow at 4:30 PM Eastern (and maybe Pacific) on FSN and continues every Tuesday till Christmas Day.

Here’s the promo:

NPPL Commander’s Cup Is In San Diego

The NPPL after saying the Commander’s Cup will be in Texas or Arizona, decides on no other place than southern California. How original.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected it to be in Texas. The Texas Open the PSP did last year didn’t go over too well. It was freezing, which was pretty weird for Texas. We had people trashing hotel rooms, and just other shenanigans.

But it’s back in California, which at least will only be going to twice this year, but it means that I won’t be there, unless someone wants to pay for a plane ticket and put me up *hint**hint*.

Anyways, it’s November 29th to December 2nd at Qualcomm Stadium. That’s about it. Should be pretty good.


PB2X Bought By Pacific Paintball, Now More Official

We had this story 5 days ago, but now the NPPL is announcing that PB2X magazine has been bought by Pacific Paintball who also happen to own them.

No new information has been released really, and I don’t really feel like typing up a lot for this, so here’s the whole press release.

Pacific Paintball is pleased to announce the acquisition of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine, the preeminent paintball industry magazine. “Pacific Paintball is dedicated to building the finest media based company in paintball. We are a one stop shop for anyone who wants to market to the paintball world,” said Shawn Walker, President of Pacific Paintball. “Now with the industry’s top magazine – Paintball 2Xtremes, the greatest Paintball Tournament Series in the world – the NPPL, the highly successful regional league – the XPSL, the popular live tournament web cast –, the upcoming paintball television series airing on Fox Sports Net beginning this October, Pacific Paintball is uniquely positioned to provide industry and non-industry advertisers with a variety of media opportunities that reach paintball’s highly sought after audience and to continue its leadership role as a key supporter of the paintball industry.”

Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine (PB2X) was established in 1996 by John and Mike Henry and later purchased by National Paintball Supply in 2000. John Amodea, who was brought in as the magazine editor in 2000, will continue to serve as editor-in-chief of PB2X. Cheryl Amaya, Publisher of PB2X, said, “We are very excited about joining the Pacific Paintball family and about their desire to continue to grow PB2X. We are also pleased that all of our current management team will be staying with the magazine. This will allow us to continue to provide our readers with the best coverage of all aspects of paintball including; scenario ball, recreational ball, tournament play, professional teams, technical reviews, market news, and local coverage.”

Mr. Walker added, “We plan to invest significant time and resources into PB2X to increase all aspects of the magazine’s offerings, which readers will see over time. The transition will be seamless, with the October issue the first under Pacific Paintball’s management.”

Pacific Paintball was formed by Pacific Merchant Capital (“PMC”), a Santa Barbara, California based investment group. The principals at PMC have owned/operated middle market radio stations as well as built several niche media companies, including the largest taxi top advertising company in the United States, which is currently an integral part of Clear Channel Communications’ outdoor division. In addition to Pacific Paintball, PMC is currently building Brite Media Group, a leading alternative media business.

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