NPPL 5-Man?

NPPL now has a 5-man format that will make its debut at NPPL Houston, September 19-21, 2008. The divisions open to the 5-man format are D3 and D4. I guess a new division for NPPL also makes its debut at Houston. In 5-man format, it is center flag rather than the opposite side, and there is a 5-minute time limit instead of 7-minutes. Teams have a choice of what day they want to play their 7 pre-lim matches, Friday or Saturday with finals on Sunday.

Entry fees:

Div3 – Friday/Sunday – $1000 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1100 after
Div3 – Saturday/Sunday – $1100 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1200 after
Div4 – Friday/Sunday – $900 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1000 after
Div4 – Saturday/Sunday – $1000 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1100 after


1st – $2,250
2nd -$1,250
3rd – $750
4th – $500

1st – $1,800
2nd -$1,000
3rd – $600
4th – $300

Division 3 qualifiers – (For players who have never played D2 or higher in the NPPL)
Division 4 qualifiers – (For players who have never played in the NPPL before)

It’s Official… Avalanche is Out of the NXL

I guess it’s official now, Avalanche is out of the NXL and will concentrate on NPPL.

After considerable thought I, Ed Poorman team owner of St Louis Avalanche, have decided to no longer compete in the NXL. In a time when the costs are ever increasing for teams to participate and attend both the PSP/NXL and NPPL, the time has come to make this decision and concentrate on just one league. Although Avalanche would love to compete in the NXL the cost just out weights the rewards. As owner of the team I could not handle all the extra expenses when sponsorship dollars have decreased this season. All the players of Avalanche have done their best to help raise revenue by holding clinics, but it is still not enough to be able to attend both leagues. The entry fee alone for the NXL costs the team $6000.00 per event. That breaks down to $1200.00 per match or $40.00 per minute unless you make Sunday. The team has chosen to concentrate all of its funds, efforts and focus on the NPPL Super 7 format, hopefully this will allow Avalanche to become a top 3 team in both the Pro and Semi-Pro divisions. Avalanche wishes only the best to the league and the teams who continue to compete in the NXL.

Ed Poorman

NPPL Houston VIP Tickets on Sale Now

NPPL Houston VIP tickets have started to go on sale today. Being a VIP at NPPL Houston means that you will be able meet the pros, get autographs, network, and watch the live webcast on the special VIP television. While enjoying this VIP access, you also get waited on by the NPPL VIP “beauties”. These beauties can bring you snacks and drinks and will also be giving out free stuff. But wait, there’s more, not only do you get to meet the pros, watch the webcast, and get waited on by beauties but you also get entrance to the super exclusive VIP center grandstands.

Order now and recieve a $10 discount (Ticket prices increase by $10 at the event)
– Single Ticket Friday or Saturday – $30
– Single Ticket Sunday – $50
– 3-day Package – $65

Hurry! Sales are limited to 100 tickets.

NPPL Ref Training

NPPL referee training will be in Houston September 13 and 14, 2008. Participants will be taught by a certified trainer. Referrees in training will learn everything there is to know about reffing a national level tournament. Training consists of a classroom portion and in field situations. The training course will be held at Tank’s Katy Paintball in Katy, TX from 9am – 5pm. The cost to take the course is $100.00 and can be made payable to NPPL. The $100.00 doesn’t just cover the training but you also get a 2008 level III referee ID card and an official NPPL rulebook.