Tickets for NPPL Chicago on Sale Now

The NPPL Chicago Open will be at CPX Sports Park in Joliet, IL on May 20-22, 2011. Grandstand and VIP tickets went on sale earlier this morning. Grandstand seating for Friday or Saturday is $10 and Sunday is $17, pay $25 for the 3-day package. VIP tickets are $34 for Friday or Saturday and $51 for Sunday, $84.15 for the 3-day package.

These prices do not include the processing fee or whatever the extra $1-5 extra that is tacked on to the final price.

Las Vegas Premier Paintball Now a Feeder Series for NPPL

The NPPL announces Las Vegas Premier Paintball as an official 2011 Feeder Series

Las Vegas Premier Paintball has been in business for many years and is no stranger to running paintball events. The NPPL is proud to announce (LVPP) has signed on as an official NPPL Feeder Series. LVPP will host the D3 7 man and D4 5 man NPPL format with the grand prize winning entry to the NPPL upper seven World Series Championships held in Las Vegas November 11th 12th and 13th * Be sure to sign up today!

Event dates:

May 1st, 2011

September 4th, 2011

October 16th, 2011

Entry fees are at a low, to obtain more information or to register please visit their website at or call (702) 574-2066. You can also email Thomas Hughes at [email protected] Don’t miss your chance to win a free entry spot into the greatest paintball show on earth, NPPL Super 7 World Series.

*In order to win an NPPL entry fee 10 or more teams must sign up for each event.

NPPL HB Results

1st – San Diego Dynasty
2nd – Sacremento XSV
3rd – Edmonton Impact
4th – Chicago Legend

1st – Critical Wrecking Crew
2nd – Warped Army
3rd – Seattle Siege
4th – Impact Echo

1st – Tombstone
2nd –
3rd – Fusion
4th – Marine Team One

1st – DBS
2nd – Minions
3rd – Chicagoland
4th – H8 factory

D4 5-man:
1st – Sacramento Royals
2nd – Centermass Hawaii
3rd – Toxic
4th – RIT Tiger

1st – Total Grief
2nd –
3rd – Blitz
4th – Xandata

Dynasty is just tearing it up on the pro circuit this year. This win at Huntington Beach makes it their third 1st place victory this year (PSP, Millenium, NPPL) and their 50th 1st place finish overall.