Official list of NPPL Professional teams for 2013

Looks like Pro NPPL is almost dead. Only Dynasty and Xfactor playing PSP also.

7 new teams (9-15 on the list), and Phoenix Contact only played one in 2012.

1. San Diego Dynasty
2. DC Arsenal
3. San Antonio X Factor
4. Vancouver Vendetta
5. San Francisco Explicit
6. New England Avalanche
7. Portland Uprising
8. Phoenix Contact
9. Camp Pendleton Raiders
10. New Orleans Warped Army
11. Orange County Flashpoint
12. Philadelphia Energy
13. Fort Wayne Outlaws
14. Buffalo Crush
15. LA Paintball Gateway


NPPL Chicago Results

1st – San Diego Dynasty
2nd – St. Louis Avalanche
3rd – Portland Uprising
4th – Edmonton Impact

1st – Dynasty 2
2nd – Texas Storm
3rd – Impact Echo
4th – Critical Wrecking Crew

1st – 3CT
2nd – LSD Savage
3rd – Marine Team one
4th – Top Gu n Evolution

1st – DBS Kidz 2
2nd – TKO – Blackout
3rd – Boom II
4th – Raiders

1st – Centermass Hawaii
2nd – Asylum Ballers
3rd – Toxic
4th – University of Michigan

1st – Total Grief
2nd – Zero
3rd – Milwaukee Throwback
4th – CPX Pro Stars

Advanced NPPL Ref Course

Want to be a referee for the NPPL Chicago Open? Well, now is your chance to become an official NPPL ref by attending their advanced ref course at CPX.

When: May 7 and 8, 2011
Where: CPX Sports Park
Cost: $100.00 (Free if you have reffed an NPPL event in 2009 or 2010)

The ref clinic is two days and goes from 8am – 4pm. Participants will learn everything needed to be a NPPL referee and will get to learn by reffing pro team Chicago Legend.

For an application or for further information, please call or email Valerie Evans at [email protected] or (714) 758-5575