What’s going on at Surf City Open

Pro Signings
Sacramento XSV Signing at Ninja Booth
Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 am
Saturday 2:20 – 3:30 pm
(Giving an Air system away each day!)

San Diego Dynasty Signing at Pev’s San Diego/Dynasty Booth
Free Posters
Time to be announced at the event

Phoenix United T-Shirt Signing at Custom Products’ Truck
Saturday at 2:00 PM
Phoenix United T-Shirts can be purchased at the Phoenix United Booth, or the Pros will sign any article of your own that you would like autographed.

Indianapolis Mutiny Signing at the Sly Booth
Saturday at 11:00 AM

Nicky Cuba Hosting Live Webcast
Don’t miss a minute of the action from this weekend’s US Paintball League Surf City Open. Every game on Center Court Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be brought to you live hosted by Professional Paintball’s very own Nicky Cuba. For only $3.00 per day (or $7.00 for all three days) you can watch the Center Court action live from the beach and enjoy Nicky’s commentary and interviews with your favorite pro players.

Rusty Glaze MCs the Center Court Live Show
One of Southern California’s favorite pro players, Rusty Glaze of Los Angeles Infamous, will be switching things up in Huntington Beach. Instead of playing in front of thousands of fans on Center Court, he will be MCing every game in front of thousands of fans on Center Court. Those who purchase VIP passes will have a chance to sit with Rusty and add some commentary of their own.

Welcome to the VIP
For $45 per day, you can enjoy covered seating atop the Center Court grandstands, overlooking all the weekend’s hottest games with the ocean in the background as you enjoy an adult beverage with your favorite pro players. Hosted by the Pro Players, the VIP Deck will include the commentary booth for the webcast and live Center Court show – so don’t be surprised if you get asked to sit in and say a few words to your friends at home through the webcast. Tickets may be purchased at the Registration tent on-site. Grandstand passes are available also at the Registration tent for $10 per day or $15 for the weekend.

Player Party with Pros Guest Bartending
The first player party of the weekend will be Friday night at Beachfront bar and grill with drink specials from 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm. Beachfront is located at Main and Olive just across the street from Starbucks. Every half-hour from 8:00 – 11:00, a new set of 2 professional players will take over as bartenders. Having played all their prelim games during the day, they will be ready to unwind and have a good time. If you’re over 21, join us at Beachfront Friday night for drink specials and much more!

Reffing brought to you by the Pros
Could care less about the VIP and Player Parties because you plan on making it to Sunday? Then let’s talk reffing. After hand picking some of the most qualified professional referees out there to ref Center Court, many pro players will also be serving the cause by reffing every game on the Spyder and Eclipse field all weekend long.

Pro/Am Update
With only one day left to pick their pro, Division 7man teams have been sending in many requests for their favorite pro player to walk fields with them for an hour on Thursday and help support them during their second set of prelim games on Saturday. So far the following Pros have been spoken for:

Edmonton Impact
Josh Davey (Part-time Ninjas, D2)
Justin Cornell (The Fallen, D2)
Coach Bart Yachimec (Tombstonerecball Center, D3)

Los Angeles Infamous
Travis Lemanski (Internal Fury, D3)
Glenn Takemoto (Saiyan, D3)
Arnold Francisco (LA Collision, D2)

Sacramento XSV
Rich Telford – (Lancaster AGGRSSN, D3)
Thomas Taylor – (Breakout SLC, D2)
Junior Brown – (Davis XSV, D2)
Conrad Rangler – (Farside Kids, D2)

San Diego Dynasty
Alex Fraige – (Surge, D2)
Ryan Greenspan – (Fuzion, D2)
Yosh Rau – (EFFECTS, D3)
Davey Williamson – (Thug Life, D2)
Todd Martinez – (Vicious, D1)
Angel Fragoza – (Thug Life, D3)
Johnny Perchak – (Bad Intentionz, D3)
Justin Schwarz – (SC Karnage, D1)

DC Arsenal
JC Whittington (Team Revolution, D2)
Coach Tom Fore (Team Factory Black)

Oakland Blast
Kenny Tsuda (SCP Edge, D3)
Dave Baines (Black Cell, D2)
Bob Long – Coach (Team Retribution, D3)

Game Schedules Released
We would like to thank Chris Raehl of the APPA for handling all aspects of team registration and the schedule for this week’s event. Download the schedule for this weekend’s games. If your team is competing in this event, be sure to make any roster changes by end of day today or there will be a $20 fee to make changes at the event (Check-in begins onsite at 1:00 pm Thursday). Get those insurance waivers signed by parents, order your ID Cards on-line, pack your flip flops and grab some sunblock. The HB event is only hours away!

7-Man League in the Works

Info thanks to Junior Brown.

This is what i have pulled out for you guys.

News just in! or I should say I have just hacked into Rich Telford’s E-mail (Well it was on the table) and a draft press release was on it! Looks like one will be coming soon from the new 7 man league! I thought to myself, what the hell, you guys support www.sacpaintball.com so I should try and get you guys some hot news before any other site does…The name on the email was USPL
How it looked to me was Western Conference and an Eastern Conference with 6 events across the United States. Having 7-man play from Div 3 to the Professional and 5 man after that. It looked like two HB events one at the start and one at the end with four events in-between two on the west coast and two on the east coast. It looked like you play your conference and the HB to get a full season in for points but if your team has money you could play all. Some thing else on the email was talk of the first HB being 3 days not 4 and the date was April 3rd to 5th not 2nd to 5th like some people have been saying. 5 of the Teams owners formed a board of directors but I didn’t see the names of them on the email. But I did see Chuck Hendsch, Camille Lemanski and Tom Cole named a few times. So who are the pro teams? I did get that first…

Tampa Bay Damage,
Sacramento XSV,
San Diego Dynasty,
San Antonio X-Factor,
Los Angeles Infamous,
Edmonton Impact,
D.C. Arsenal,
San Jose or Bay Area Explicit,
St. Louis Avalanche,
Scottsdale Elevation,
Chicago Farside,
O.C, Bushwackers,
Phoenix United
Oakland Blast,
Indianapolis (TBA)
Miami Rage,

It looked like this and more will be out from the league in days! Or even sooner now I have posted this. I did see more on the email but that’s all I can remember.

I have one more bit of info I think might be true. But I will post that later tonight or tomorow, onto this thread when I find out 100%… Keep looking back.


NPPL Buffalo 2008 Scores


  1. Golden State Ironmen
  2. New England Hurricanes
  3. San Diego Dynasty
  4. Sacramento XSV


  1. Arsenal Evolution
  2. Dynasty Entourage
  3. Phoenix United
  4. Method of Destruction

Division 1

  1. Arsenal Kidz
  2. New England Xpress
  3. Aftermath II
  4. DC Monstars

Division 2

  1. Miami Rage
  2. Go 4 Broke
  3. D.C. Arsenal Predators
  4. Infamy

Division 3

  1. NV
  2. C.S. Union
  3. Paintball Authority Kids
  4. Crims Factory

Pump Division

  1. Coney Island Whitefish
  2. Bay City Pump
  3. Canadian Response
  4. Fox4’s Finest

Rest of *finals

Update: Apparently there was a pump division.