NPPL Ref Clinic

It’s not really a clinic, it’s more of a tryout. This NPPL ref tryout will be held on March 6 and 7 at Camp Pendleton Park.

Applicants will learn the ins and outs of being a NPPL ref and afterwards get in field practice by reffing games between XSV and Dynasty. NPPL staff and pro players will be on site to judge and critique.


XSV to Shoot with Alien

Alien Paintball announces the signing of professional paintball team Sacramento XSV for the 2010 season. Since their inception in 2003, Sacramento XSV has been known for their top tier finishes and for using the best equipment. They are proud to shoot the new 2010 Alien Independence.

Rich Telford, owner/captain of Sacramento XSV said, “I’ve know Jack Rice from Alien for a long time and we’ve always been friends. It’s really exciting that Alien is finally in a position to work with XSV at such a major level.” He continues, “It was an incredibly hard decision for us to switch gun sponsors, but Junior and I have both been shooting the Independence for a few weeks now and Alien makes a solid gun that I believe in. The gun has a smooth, calm shot plus it comes with the Critical trigger and Tadao electronics; if we didn’t think we could win with it, we wouldn’t shoot it.”

Jack Rice owner of Alien Paintball commented: “This is great, XSV is legendary and I couldn’t happier to have them shooting the Independence this year. It’s been a long time coming, but with KEE Action Sports distributing our guns, and now XSV shooting them, 2010 is going to be a fantastic year”.

Look for Sacramento XSV shooting Alien Paintball’s 2010 Independence at both the PSP’s Phoenix Open on March 19-21, 2010 and the NPPL Surf City Open in Huntington Beach, CA on April 9-11, 2010.”

World Cup Results

1.) Boston Red Legion
2.) Philly Americans
3.) Tampa Bay Damage
4.) Los Angeles Ironmen

1.) Vicious
2.) Aftermath II
3.) XSV
4.) Nexus
Series Champs: Aftermath II

D1 Race to 5
1.) Raiden
2.) DBS Kidz
3.) Storm
4.) TBD Fierce
Series Champs: TBD Fierce

D2 Race to 5
2.) Team Unlimited
3.) Total Karnage
4.) HuSTLe
Series Champs: DSS Paintball

D3 Race to 4
1.) Velocity Wrecking Crew II
2.) Boom
3.) CFP Factory D3
4.) VcK
Series Champs: Boom

D4 Race to 4
1.) Flip Syde
2.) P.C.P Vnz
3.) Palm Beach Outsiders
4.) Livewire

1.) Fluffy Bunnies
2.) Wicked
3.) Assalas All Stars
4.) Ego Maniacs

D2 Race to 2
1.) No Limit
2.) Understood
3.) Team Hailstrom
4.) JungleBoyz

D3 Race to 2
1.) Annihilators
2.) New Jack City
3.) Distortion
4.) Inertia
Series Champs: Inertia

D4 Race to 2
1.) Notorious
2.) Revolution
4.) Waste Management
Series Champs: Coalition

D5 Race to 2
1.) Fatality Green
2.) Uncivilized
3.) Atomic Aftermath
4.) ECE Green

PSP Chicago 2009 Scores

1. Russian Legion
2. Aftermath
3. Americans
4. Dynasty

1. Aftermath II
2. XSV
3. Vicious
4. RNT ALL-Starz

Palm Beach Venom
Cross eyed

Velocity Wrecking Crew

Cross Eyed
C.V. aka Borracho Bullfighters
Total Karnage Kids

Wreckless Intentions

New Jack City
PG Style

WC Redemption

MAO Scores

Pro RaceTo – 7
1st – Los Angeles Ironmen
2nd – Philadelphia Americans
3rd – Tampa Bay Damage
4th – Dynasty

Semi-Pro RaceTo – 7
1st – Aftermath II
2nd – RNT Allstarz
3rd – Sacramento XSV
4th – Vicious

DI RaceTo – 5
1st – Seattle CDR
2nd – TBD Fierce
3rd – Cross Eyed Paintball
4th – Palm Beach Venom

DII RaceTo – 5
1st – Team Unlimited
2nd – Cross Eyed Paintball Grey
3rd – Total Karnage
4th – Palm Beach Vipers Black

DIII RaceTo – 4
1st – Boom
2nd – No Limit
3rd – Wired
4th – Nor*Car Hype

DIII RaceTo – 2
1st – Inertia
2nd – WiseGuys
3rd – Tyranny
4th – CV aka East Coast Bullfighters

DIV RaceTo – 2

1st – Coalition
2nd- Amped
3rd – Team Unlimited
4th – Cincinnati Devastation Black