Commander’s Cup Scores

1.) San Diego Dynasty
2.) OC Bushwhackers
3.) Edmonton Impact
4.) Tampa Bay Damage

1.) Arsenal Evolution
3.) Impact
4.) Phoenix United

Div 1
1.) Hollywood HK
2.) L.A. Hitmen
3.) Synergy
4.) Rockstar Factory

Div 2
1.) Go 4 Broke
2.) Miami Rage
3.) Tombstone
4.) Asylum

Div 3
1.) SCP Epic and Friends
2.) Top Gun Factory
3.) Effects
4.) Dark Riders

Overall NPPL Series Champs

1.) San Diego Dynasty
2.) Golden State Ironmen
3.) San Antonio X-Factor

1.) Arsenal Evolution
2.) Impact
3.) Method of Destruction

Div 1
1.) Aftermath II
2.) Hollywood HK
3.) Splat Kids

Div 2
1.) Miami Rage
2.) Go 4 Broke
3.) Tombstone

Div 3
1.) CS Union
2.) Envy
3.) Top Gun Factory

Ollie Lang’s Power Paintball

Looks like Ollie Lang has ventured into teaching paintball via the book platform. ( This book is supposed to let you know all the little secrets it takes to play paintball like the #1 pro, Ollie Lang.

The book costs $19.95 but if you do not want to pay for it then you can sign up for 7 free Ironmen drills.

I’m not exactly how legit this is so order at your own risk.

Pretty sure it’s not legit at all. The page is setup the same way all the spam ebooks are setup. Most likely just copied and pasted from something. So, I really wouldn’t suggest buying this. –James

Update on Ollie Lang’s “Retirement”

This morning there was a post on PBNation under Ollie Lang’s account saying that he was retiring after World Cup this year. Seeing as it was posted by Ollie’s account, it seemed legitimate since the wording of the “retirement”  speech was decent and seemed genuine but turns out, it is entirely false. Ollie’s account got phished. No other information has been released about this situation from Ollie or anyone else. So I guess, as of now, Ollie has no plans of retiring and will continue playing paintball for the Ironmen and as a Dye player.

2008 PSP NEO Results


1st – Dynasty
2nd – Philadelphia Americans
3rd – Boston Red Legion
4th – Los Angeles Ironmen

Division 1 XBall
1st – RNT Allstarz
2nd – Damage
3rd – TX Justice League
4th – Vicious

Division 2 XBall
1st – Cross-Eyed Paintball
2nd – TPA Revolution
3rd – Shockwave Canada
4th – Raiden

Division 3 XBall
1st – Velocity Wrecking Crew
2nd – Team Unlimited
4th – Raiden Black

Division 3 5-man XBall
1st – Boom
2nd – JFK
3rd – No Limit
4th – TPA Riot

Division 4 5-man XBall
1st – RNT Kids
2nd- 100 Proof Paintball
3rd – Total Karnage Kids
4th – Poison Products Factory

NPPL Buffalo 2008 Scores


  1. Golden State Ironmen
  2. New England Hurricanes
  3. San Diego Dynasty
  4. Sacramento XSV


  1. Arsenal Evolution
  2. Dynasty Entourage
  3. Phoenix United
  4. Method of Destruction

Division 1

  1. Arsenal Kidz
  2. New England Xpress
  3. Aftermath II
  4. DC Monstars

Division 2

  1. Miami Rage
  2. Go 4 Broke
  3. D.C. Arsenal Predators
  4. Infamy

Division 3

  1. NV
  2. C.S. Union
  3. Paintball Authority Kids
  4. Crims Factory

Pump Division

  1. Coney Island Whitefish
  2. Bay City Pump
  3. Canadian Response
  4. Fox4’s Finest

Rest of *finals

Update: Apparently there was a pump division.