NPPL Buffalo 2008 Scores


  1. Golden State Ironmen
  2. New England Hurricanes
  3. San Diego Dynasty
  4. Sacramento XSV


  1. Arsenal Evolution
  2. Dynasty Entourage
  3. Phoenix United
  4. Method of Destruction

Division 1

  1. Arsenal Kidz
  2. New England Xpress
  3. Aftermath II
  4. DC Monstars

Division 2

  1. Miami Rage
  2. Go 4 Broke
  3. D.C. Arsenal Predators
  4. Infamy

Division 3

  1. NV
  2. C.S. Union
  3. Paintball Authority Kids
  4. Crims Factory

Pump Division

  1. Coney Island Whitefish
  2. Bay City Pump
  3. Canadian Response
  4. Fox4’s Finest

Rest of *finals

Update: Apparently there was a pump division.

NPPL Boston Wrap-Up

The Boston NPPL has come to a close. It’s been an interesting one with Fox Sports filming it’s TV show, causing controversy by closing off the center field for filming by smaller companies, with PbNation being a dumbass the whole way.

But what about the important part, how the teams did? The Portland Naughty Dogs did great during the prelims, only losing 1 game, but failed to bring that momentum into the “Elite 8” where they finished 6th.

Dynasty, who made 4th in the prelims, went into the finals in the number 1 spot playing Infamous, while the All Americans played Joy Division.

Dynasty beat Infamous with 2 wins and a draw, while Joy Division beat the All Americans in 2 games.

For the semi-pro division, Texas native X-Factor took home the gold beating Aftermath. Rock-It Kids placed first in Division I taking out everybody’s favorite team, or not, HK in the “Elite 8.” SYP Epic and FYT won in Division II and III respectively.

Top 4 from each division:


  1. San Diego Dynasty
  2. Los Angeles Infamous
  3. Stockholm Joy Division
  4. Pittsburgh All Americans


  1. SA X-Factor
  2. SD Aftermath
  3. Boston Paintball
  4. Redz Infamy

Division I:

  1. Rock-It Kids
  2. Naughty by Nature
  3. Dynasty Entourage
  4. Miami Devious

Division II:

  1. SCP Epic
  2. NeX
  3. Splat Kids
  4. STD Factory

Division III:

  1. FYT
  2. Team RNT
  3. Air Assault Factory
  4. Storm Riders