Update on Ollie Lang’s “Retirement”

This morning there was a post on PBNation under Ollie Lang’s account saying that he was retiring after World Cup this year. Seeing as it was posted by Ollie’s account, it seemed legitimate since the wording of the “retirement”  speech was decent and seemed genuine but turns out, it is entirely false. Ollie’s account got phished. No other information has been released about this situation from Ollie or anyone else. So I guess, as of now, Ollie has no plans of retiring and will continue playing paintball for the Ironmen and as a Dye player.

NEO NXL Schedule

The NXL schedule for the North East Open has been released. I looked over the schedule and it seems that Avalanche is not playing this event.

Why? I have no idea why. Although, rumor has it that they owe the NXL lots of money and refuse to pay. And with this refusal of payment, Avalanche has decided to drop out of the NXL and on top of that, the NXL commisioner will not allow them to play Word Cup. There has been no offical statement relaesed by any of the Avalanche team members.

Legacy Leaving NXL, Gary Shows Quitting Paintball

Chalk this one up on the rumor board. Legacy is leaving the NXL due mainly to monetary reasons, and Gary Shows is quitting paintball. Legacy placed 13th in Chicago standing 14th overall this year. The sources reporting the Legacy departure seem pretty reliable so I’m leaning toward that this is true. But, the Gary Shows rumor has only been mentioned a couple of times by not so reliable people.

I’ll keep an eye on this one and report back any new developments.