Sexy Paintball Webcast

Splat magazine will bring you the sexiest paintball related webcast ever. The webcast will be of a photoshoot with the girls of paintball. The webcast will be on October 18, 2008 from 11am – 4pm. The best part of this webcast is that it’s free and the theme for the shoot is “bedroom fantasy”.

Some girls for the shoot:

Kat Secor – 2007 Female Player of the Year

Kat Gong – Founder of the first all female paintball team, The Fallen Angels

Clare Benavides – original AGD spokesperson

Savannah Neveux – Straight up hot ass walk on player and apparently a member of the paintball industry

Ollie Lang’s Power Paintball

Looks like Ollie Lang has ventured into teaching paintball via the book platform. ( This book is supposed to let you know all the little secrets it takes to play paintball like the #1 pro, Ollie Lang.

The book costs $19.95 but if you do not want to pay for it then you can sign up for 7 free Ironmen drills.

I’m not exactly how legit this is so order at your own risk.

Pretty sure it’s not legit at all. The page is setup the same way all the spam ebooks are setup. Most likely just copied and pasted from something. So, I really wouldn’t suggest buying this. –James

Watch World Cup Online

PSP tried this once before, I think it was at PSP Chicago last year, but this time viewers must pay an unmentioned price to be able to watch the feed. The PSP webshow will be online from Friday Otober 24, 2008 to Sunday October 26, 2008. The layout of the show is pretty much like the NPPL webshow; pro field footage, interviews with pros, and sneak peaks at new products. The hosts of the show are Patrick Spohrer, maker of MWAG films, and Matty Marshall, pro player and the face of paintball on tv.