Pro Help at USPL

A paintball league started by pro players for the intentions of helping the sport grow most certainly would have some perks. The US Paintball League gives divisional 7-man teams (D1,D2,D3) the chance to work with a pro at the Huntington Beach event. Your team gets to choose which pro player they want for the weekend. The pro player of choice will help your team walk the fields for 1 hour, coach, and and other help your team may need throughout the tournament during his off time.

The 16 pro teams and their rosters will be posted on the USPL site.
Only applicable to divisional 7-man teams
Once your divisional team has registered and paid in full, your team will get to choose which pro player they want.
Only 1 pro player per team and it is first come first serve

The Surf City Open (Huntington Beach) is April 3-5, 2009.
Registration for HB starts on February 16, 2009.

New Guy at Paintball Sports Magazine

Paintball Sports Magazine has signed Ronan to be the new sales director. For the past 4 years, he was previously employed by Procaps Direct as the national director of sales and quality assurance. As sales director for PSM, Ronan will be catering to the needs of the magazine’s current advertisers and new accounts.

“Ronan is not your typical salesman, His track record as one of paintball’s best pro players transcends into being one of the sport’s best—period. His extensive and successful background in business along with his industry connections and knowledge of paintball will benefit our magazine, our advertisers and our readers.”

– Quoted from PSM editor-in-chief Bea Youngs

USPL Press Release

U.S. Paintball League (USPL)

(Huntington Beach, CA) – Sixteen Professional Teams have invested heavily in forming the US Paintball League (USPL) – your paintball league. The player-owned league is dedicated to growing the sport of paintball across the United States by offering 7-man play from Division 3 to the Professional level in addition to a division of 5-man.

Season Opener Confirmed: Huntington Beach, CA April 3 – 5 2009
The 2009 season will consist of six events held across the United States. The following teams will be competing in the 2009 Pro Division:

Chicago Legend
D.C. Arsenal
Edmonton Impact
Indianapolis Mutiny
Los Angeles Infamous
Miami Rage
Oakland Blast
O.C. Bushwackers
Phoenix United
Sacramento XSV
San Antonio X-Factor
San Diego Dynasty
San Jose Explicit
Scottsdale Elevation
St. Louis Avalanche
Tampa Bay Damage

The 16 teams have formed a five-member Board of Directors to oversee the league. The USPL has recruited some of the most experienced promoters in tournament paintball; Chuck Hendsch, Camille Lemanski and Tom Cole.

Hendsch, former president of the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) has been named Commissioner of the USPL. The Commissioner will handle executive decisions and report to the Board of Directors. Lemanski, former Vice President of Media and Marketing for Pacific Paintball, will be handling the day-to-day operations of the league as the General Manager. Tom Cole, also a former President of the NPPL, will be the Ultimate Official.

Alex Fraige of San Diego Dynasty said “although this league is owned by the pros, the mission is to make it your paintball league.”

The 16 owners have already discussed many changes to satisfy all players interested in playing the 7-man format. Rich Telford of Sacramento Excessive went on to explain that “much emphasis has been placed on catering the events toward the lower divisional teams and making the series as affordable as possible. Highlights include lowering entry fees, adjusting the schedule to reduce time away from school for younger players, streamlining the registration process to make it easier and more enjoyable for teams to check-in and walk the fields, introducing an exciting, faster-paced schedule of games and setting up a Steering Committee with representatives from all divisions so everyone’s voice can be heard.”

Individuals interested in serving as a representative on the Steering Committee should email [email protected] with his/her team name, division and phone number.

More details on the league and the 2009 season, including the registration opening date for Huntington Beach, will be released in the days to come. In the meantime, please email [email protected] for more information.

US Paintball League is a player run organization that governs Paintball tournaments and play. The USPL in conjunction with the Pro Team Association will host 6 events in the US where Paintball teams compete and are awarded points in four divisions Professional, Division I, Division II and Division III to determine an overall Paintball champion in each division. The USPL is committed to setting rules, standards and guidelines for safe, competitive, fair Paintball competitions worldwide. For more information call 714 858 1923.

7-Man League in the Works

Info thanks to Junior Brown.

This is what i have pulled out for you guys.

News just in! or I should say I have just hacked into Rich Telford’s E-mail (Well it was on the table) and a draft press release was on it! Looks like one will be coming soon from the new 7 man league! I thought to myself, what the hell, you guys support so I should try and get you guys some hot news before any other site does…The name on the email was USPL
How it looked to me was Western Conference and an Eastern Conference with 6 events across the United States. Having 7-man play from Div 3 to the Professional and 5 man after that. It looked like two HB events one at the start and one at the end with four events in-between two on the west coast and two on the east coast. It looked like you play your conference and the HB to get a full season in for points but if your team has money you could play all. Some thing else on the email was talk of the first HB being 3 days not 4 and the date was April 3rd to 5th not 2nd to 5th like some people have been saying. 5 of the Teams owners formed a board of directors but I didn’t see the names of them on the email. But I did see Chuck Hendsch, Camille Lemanski and Tom Cole named a few times. So who are the pro teams? I did get that first…

Tampa Bay Damage,
Sacramento XSV,
San Diego Dynasty,
San Antonio X-Factor,
Los Angeles Infamous,
Edmonton Impact,
D.C. Arsenal,
San Jose or Bay Area Explicit,
St. Louis Avalanche,
Scottsdale Elevation,
Chicago Farside,
O.C, Bushwackers,
Phoenix United
Oakland Blast,
Indianapolis (TBA)
Miami Rage,

It looked like this and more will be out from the league in days! Or even sooner now I have posted this. I did see more on the email but that’s all I can remember.

I have one more bit of info I think might be true. But I will post that later tonight or tomorow, onto this thread when I find out 100%… Keep looking back.


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