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Check out the August issue of Paintball Magazine, live and free! This issue features coverage of the Skirmish ION Big Game, Millennium Series Campaign Cup from Balisdon, England, Operation Spire Scenario Game, Alien Deception Review Part 2, New Products, News and much more. So read, watch, like and click your way through the 134 pages of paintball coverage right here:

Pro Paintball VIDEO – Ironmen vs Heat AND Infamous Vs. 187 Crew from NXL

The knockout rounds of the NXL proved to be highly contested with several upsets, a controversial call or two and some of the favorites going home short of their goal as the first NXL event winner.

Watch as LA Infamous takes on Upton 187 cRew and the LA Ironmen battle favorites Houston Heat in a split deck match from Sunday morning of the Great Lakes Open NXL event in Cleveland.

Buy the Virginia Beach webcast now for only $14.99 (25% off) on and you can watch the NXL Web Series Episode 2 right now!

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Operation End War 6– Mag-Fed Military Simulation Event

Mag-Fed only paintball event in Copperopolis, CA (right next to Stockton). Takes place in 120 acres of abandoned copper mines. Rugged terrain including forest, desert, and urban environments. $100 for the event, and included you get free camping and a rental (the tacamo storm). It’s a three day event extending from 10/9/15-10/11/15, and there’s one night game. There’s even an optional $50 training course that teaches you proper use of cover, how to respond to ambushes, and how to act in vehicle operations. We usually get about 250 people out, a year so we’d like to see you as one of them!

Get READY for this event. We’re aiming to make this one the biggest one yet. And remember, the more people we get out, the more epic we can make the scenarios. So invite your friends! The ambassador program will be online next week.
10 friends invited= Free Entrance
20 friends invited= Free Tacamo Storm

For any other information not covered in this post, reply to this thread or PM me and I’ll get you covered.

event page:

sign up here: