Millennium bunkers sabotaged right before first event of 2013 (pics added)



Last night, despite security being present, person or persons unknown broke into the Millennium site in Puget and destroyed two fields of bunkers & large parts of the netting systems. This cowardly and unprovoked attack will not affect this week’s event as The Millennium has always had contingency to deal with damaged equipment, normally expected due to bad weather not sabotage. However, it will mean the Millennium staff having to work through the night to rebuild & replace the damaged equipment, but rest assured The Millennium as always will provide a world class event despite this setback.

In all the years of holding events throughout Europe, we have never had such an incident which is clearly designed to undermine the series for whatever reason. This incident is now under Police investigation and The Millennium will offer a generous reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.

At the end of the day nobody gains from such actions, it affects the teams, sponsors and all participants. It is a very sad state of affairs that some people in our industry feel that this is an acceptable way to behave.

Security will be vastly increased with the assistance of the local Police & Mayor’s office for the remainder of the set up and event itself.

Any information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and with gratitude.

Drake & Kevin Hart Play Paintball

During the Toronto stop of his Let Me Explain tour, Kevin Hart called up Drake and his OVO crew for a friendly game of paintball.


"I decided to call my friend Drake and challenge him to a paintball competition. It was a good idea until I realized neither me or anybody else on my team had ever been paintballing before. Needless to say.. it didn’t turn out like i thought it would."
– Kevin Hart

Tippmann Offers New Trigger Upgrade for Crossover Marker

Tippmann Offers New Trigger Upgrade for Crossover Marker

Last year we launched the Crossover marker but this week we are excited to introduce an upgraded trigger for the marker, which provides a “lighter” and more responsive pull.

The newly-enhanced trigger was developed based on feedback from players looking for a lighter trigger pull in both electronic and mechanical mode. The new trigger will be integrated immediately into all new Crossover markers shipped from Tippmann’s Fort Wayne facility. It is also now available to all Tippmann dealers as well as any player who already owns a Crossover. To secure a free upgrade kit, players simply need to visit and click on the “Free Upgrade Kit” icon located on the homepage. (Note, to get to this page use this link Trigger Upgrade)

From Denny Tippmann:
“We lightened the weight of the trigger by over 65 percent. And, by doing that, we were able to decrease the trigger pull by 50 percent. The new trigger is factory set at 4 oz. and meets all ASTM standards. We think players are going to respond very favorably to this enhancement. It makes our popular Crossover even more responsive and easier to fire.”

The new trigger has been tested by many top scenario and tournament teams, including the Tippmann Effect, who will be using the Crossover with the upgraded trigger in the upcoming NPPL event in Huntington Beach. Of course, Greg Hastings will also be playing the enhanced Crossover during this year’s Tour of Duty.

We feel the enhanced trigger and our recently announced a lower price for the Crossover at $349 will now provide all players a great marker at a price that many can afford.

If any player wants the new trigger, simply fill out the form on this page. Trigger Upgrade

New Barrel Kit From Pathogen

The Pathogen Meteor barrel has been eagerly awaited and is finally here! This kit is everything you need and want from a paintball barrel system. You get 7 (yes Seven) barrel backs covering sizes from 0.673 to 0.691, 3 different length tips with Apex options also available, and a durable padded case that keeps your barrels handy and protected. You do not need to spend mortgage level money for a dependable and well built barrel kit. Pathogen now delivers an all-around kit that will give you everything you need and want from a barrel system. No matter if you play in the woods or on the speedball field this kit gives you consistency and that quiet sound that Pathogen users have become accustomed to. Stop messing with junk barrels or bargain basement kits and get a full set of precision machined and perfectly honed aluminum hotness. You will love it. Your buddies will want it. You don’t have to share! Play hard, shoot straight.