Inception Designs “Pico” 100 round force feed body shell system

Hello everyone!

The first thing I am doing with my new start up company, Inception Designs, is giving something to the community that people have wanted for a long time. Yes giving.

I am providing the files, as open source, on my website, a link can be found on which will take you to the area of my forums where you can download the files to rapid prototype the body shells, battery door and rip drive knob.

It’s the ability to have a 100 round force feed hopper.

I am asking that you download them from my site so we can get a genuine interest in the concept (of open source and small force feed loaders) and that if you make them you leave my logo on the sides 😀

If the community really does want this and the response is good then maybe we will go further in the future to make it a kick starter project and have production units made.

Until then, and so this isn’t put away and held on the back burner I am giving the files out so that anyone can make them for themselves. I will have prototypes with me at Living Legends 6 this weekend for everyone to check out.

Here’s the video explaining what I am doing….

Here’s the link to my forums where the files are……y-shell-system

2013 NCPA National Champs Prelim Matches available now!

Miss the NCPA National Championships Webcast?

The NCPA is proud to release footage from the Prelim matches of the 2013 NCPA National Championships for anyone who missed the webcast.

Catch all 8 Prelim matches with Matty Marshall and Todd MArtinez from Paintball Access, Kevin "Catfish" Arcilla from Derder’s Shortbus, Kristen Kenney, and Dave Pando!

Ocho, Quarter and Semi-Final Matches to be released soon!

Make sure you don’t miss the NCPA Finals on TV this Saturday, May 18th!

NCPA Paintball Returns to TV on Saturday May 18th in FULL HD!

The 2013 NCPA College Paintball National Championship presented by PSP Events will be broadcast this Saturday, May 18th at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific on CBS Sports Network in stunning 1080 HD!

Don’t miss the action as defending Class A National Champions Cal State Long Beach 49ers try to fend off a challenge by the 2012 Class AA Champion Florida Gulf Coast Eagles team!

The Teams

Cal State Long Beach defeated University of Nebraska-Omaha to take home the 2012 Class A Title. Featuring Ironmen player Cory Bornstein and LA Hitmen player and college paintball veteran Chris Tregarthen, they enter the Finals match undefeated after knocking out the Northeast Conference Champion Rutgers University team 7-4.

Florida Gulf Coast defeated 47 other college teams to win the 2012 Class AA National Championship. An expanded roster for Class A play features several Florida-area PSP players. FGCU is also undefeated in the 2013 season, trouncing Southeast Conference Champion Kennesaw State University 13-4 in the Semifinals to earn the right to challenge Cal State in the Finals.


Cal State Long Beach
Florida Gulf Coast

The Talent

Expert commentary throughout this tight contest is brought to you by veteran expert commentators Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez with sideline assistance from sports broadcasting professional Kristen Kenney.

Don’t miss a special appearance by the 2013 NCPA High School National Championship team from Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, VA!

Which Channel?

CBS Sports Network is available in 100 million homes in the US on virtually every cable and satellite TV provider. If you have cable or satellite TV, you probably already have the channel… but if not, adding it to your package is a quick call to your cable company away.

Check your cable channel line-up to find out which channel is CBS Sports Netowrk (CBSSN) for you, or use the CBS Sports Network Channel Finder!

GHTP Fields of Battle new mobile game

I haven’t seen a thread posted about this game being released or did I hear about its release. Scrolling through the App Store today on my iPad I stumbled upon Greg Hastings: Fields of battle
Some screen shots from menus are posted and I will try to get more of in game play. The game is fun so far and thought I would share it with the nation.
By the looks of the website it looks like it is just on iOS and will be coming to other operating systems soon

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