Addictive Paintball o Paintball Adictivo

Addictive paintball is a new internet magazine that reports on anything paintball related in Latin America. The title is somewhat misleading, it’s in english but the entire magazine is in spanish. If I were fluent in spanish then maybe I could give a better review of this online magazine but I’m not so I can’t.

Anyways, the design of the site/magazine is mediocre. To go from page to page, you have to click on a link for each page of the magazine, 1-53. Even just browsing through the damn thing gets annoying. They need to learn how to make it like a real magazine. IE – be able to turn the pages like in the catalogue on empire’s site. That way it’s much more user friendly.

The magazine seems like it’ll have your usual paintball magazine info such as tourney coverage, gun tech, and product reviews. So they’re in the right direction, but they’re still doing it wrong.

From the pictures, it looked like they were having a tourney old school style in the woods with spools and whatever as bunkers but it was 5-man. I found that rather odd. Shitty field but the players have the money to get eg07’s and what not. If they[the players] want to get better, they should stop spending their money and invest it by getting an airball field. Then again I don’t know the whole story for what’s going on down there so…they can do whatever they want, I don’t really care.

NPPL Jacksonville 2008



  1. Escondido Aftermath
  2. Golden State Ironmen
  3. New England Hurricanes
  4. Oakland Blast


  1. Dynasty Entourage
  2. Impact
  3. Studio City Icemen
  4. TCP Machine

Division 1

  1. Hollywood HK
  2. Splat Kids
  3. Aftermath II
  4. Synergy

Division II

  1. Go For Broke/Miami Rage
  2. Go For Broke/Miami Rage
  3. Tombstone
  4. Brooklyn Ratpack

Division III

  1. CS Union
  2. Topgun Factory
  3. Titus
  4. SD Tension

Pump Division

  1. L.A. Hitmen
  2. Chikin Nuggetz
  3. Allstars
  4. Olde Lions East

Finals for Divisions II will be played at the next NPPL event, Buffalo , NY due to extreme weather conditions in Jacksonville.

The first 2 NPPL events have been taken by 2 teams that are in their rookie season as pro.

And for those who don’t know yet, PBNation and the NPPL are now friends again.

Failure Friday:

Warning: Complicated computer speak following

I guess Worr released a new site. Don’t remember their old one, but I’ll just follow along and say it’s new. I hope for their sake that it is brand new.

They dislike proof reading as much as I do, though the Synergy is totally “Lorem ipsum” like. (they now have at least fixed it)


Though they really need to bone up on their coding practices. We can get a nice little XSS on their form pages, like here, here, or here. Just enter something like:
"/><script>alert("I did it for the lulz")</script>
And you get this:
Way to sanitize your input there guys. Here’s a hint, convert ",<,> to their HTML equivalents. Another hint, jsut ask me and I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

So we can break their site and maybe cause some of their users some trouble, but what if we want to do more.

According to their headers, they’re running Windows using IIS as their httpd and running both ASP.NET and a very out of date PHP (over 2 years old).

But, wait, what are they really running? According to this error, PHP. At least with ASP, you have some slight non-valid input protection.

So they’re running of Windows and ASP.NET really just seems pointless. According to nmap, only port 80 is open, so they don’t have a mail server or anything of that nature (that’s at least accepts connections) running. Why not a LAMP server? I’m sure it would be cheaper and better, but whatever.

I think I’ve found enough fail to call it a failure. Plus this is boring me.

Sorry For The Lack Of Posts

Classes started back up, meaning moving and lots of other things to do, so I’ve been busy. On top of that, my computer, or more precisely the network card, doesn’t feel like working well, and sometime not at all, so my whole posting groove isn’t there. I’ve cleared out most of my unread items in Google Reader so I’ll try to get back to posting.

If you want to write for us, it’s easy to do. Just go to the Write For Us page and follow the steps. I still have ready access to computers, so I can follow up and promote pretty quickly. I’ve removed the ads, or more precisely ad, that I added, so this is now more of a not for profit site. I’ll also get the licensing straight. Right now, I’ve informally said that the content on this site is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license, with comments under a Public Domain license.

Also, the server has been having some problems, though the host finds no problems. I’ll probably be switching to a new host pretty soon in the future. It’ll probably be a shared server at 1&1 or a VPS at GoDaddy. If anyone has any suggestions, or want to donate me a server (though you’ll have, I think, 3 more sites hosted on it also), please let me know. I’m looking for a Linux box with PHP, Python, cron jobs, and SSH (though that’s not a necessity) with no contract or setup fees.

vBulletin Acquired By Internet Brands, Inc.

This isn’t paintball related, per say, but most of the larger paintball forums run vBulletin like PbNation, PbReview, PbJunkie, etc, so it could have an affect on them.

Jelsoft, the company that makes vBulletin, has been acquired by Internet Brands, Inc. . Though they say everything should operate nearly the same, there isn’t really any telling what Internet Brands will want to do with their new company.

So if you run a forum using vBulletin, you might want to watch and see what will happen.