2008 NXL All-Star Rosters

I’m a little late on this one, sorry. In case you don’t know here are the rosters for the 2008 NXL all-star match.


Boston: Aleksandr Berdnikov & Mikhail Knyazev

Tampa Bay: Bryan Smith & Ramzi El-Yousef

Philadelphia: Konstantin Federov & Ryan Moorhead

Chicago: Darcy Schlickenmayer & Nick Slowiak

Impact: Josh Davey & Justin Cornell

Avalanche: Danny Tiljak & Adam Geis


X-Factor: Archie Montemayor & Cody Bayless

Dynasty: Ryan Greenspan & Davey Williams

Oakland: Glenn Takamoto & Benigno Benedicto

Los Angeles: Oliver Lang & Mikko Huttunen

Seattle: Rocky Knuth & Mikey Lew

Aftermath: Alex Goldman & Bobby Aviles

The match will be held on Sunday, June 29, 2008. The match will consist of 3 games. The East have been the reigning champs for 2 years, the West is about due for a win.

Utah SUCKS!!!

South Jordan, UT is considering a ban on paintball markers, BB guns, air guns, and gun replicas. The city council is considering this ban because the police have received many complaints about people running around with weapons but then it turns out that those “weapons” are actually fake. People need to realize what’s real and what’s not and those idiots that are running around with their airsoft guns, paintball markers, or replicas should not do it in an area where there are plenty of people to see. Similar bans have already been en stated  in other cities in Utah, such cities include: Salt Lake City, West Jordan, West Valley City and North Salt Lake.

SPLATXD first issue online

SPLATXD is splat magazine except now online. Splat will no longer be sold in stores. I didn’t really read through the issue but I did “flip” through the pages and from what I saw, it looked very nice. It’s pretty much what any Splat magazine was like but now it’s on your computer monitor and there are little videos throughout the issue. It kind of sucks that you have no control over the videos though, but I assume that Splat is working on that.

Beware of Killer CO2 Tanks

Kee Action Sports and Mark Contois have launched a paintball co2 tank safety initiative awareness program. Mark Contois’ wife was killed by a co2 tank in 2004 and has teamed up with Kee Action Sports to inform others of the dangers that co2 tanks used in paintball.

It’s a short article explaining the situation but to sum it up: Dude’s wife died because some kid didn’t install an anti-siphon tube in his co2 tank correctly so he’s trying to let people know that only professionals should be doing installs on co2 tanks.

Since Kee Action Sports has teamed up with Mr. Contois, they have offered to do the tank modifications but for a modest fee. Good job Kee, partnering up with this guy so that that yall could make money. Seriously, it’s a pretty good idea from a business perspective.