Yesterday, there was a photo of Ollie using what was believed to be a DM9, and last night, Dye posted a video of the new DM9, though I didn’t notice since I was too busy playing Spore, which is awesome by the way.

The video just consists of fading/focusing shots of the marker followed by the features, which most seem to be patent pending. Thanks for letting me know Dye; I was planning on copying that.

It seems to be a DM8 that’s been milled with a new eye holder thing. The milling, I think, looks kinda like the old Shocktech DM5, but with more and sleeker lines. They also finally removed the on/off that no one ever used.

It’s nothing really game changing or new, but it’s what you would expect from Dye.

Procaps Caps the Pros

Procaps Direct, the parent company of Draxxus, Vforce, and Archon; like any company aims to make to money whereever and whenever possible. In this case, pro paintball teams are going to be a source of additional money by making them pay for paint at events. Pro teams only have to pay for paint once they have exceeded the allotted amount of paint they are given  which ranges from 3-5 million paintballs. Teams in both the NXL and NPPL will be affected by this arrangement. Teams possibly undergoing this arrangement are All-Americans, Arsenal, Aftermath, Bushwackers, Naughty Dogs, and Avalanche.

Mythbusters Build 1100 Barrel Paintball Gun

Always ones to do something completely ridiculous to demonstrate something, Mythbusters build a 1100 barrel paintball gun to paint the Mona Lisa.

They used it, and a single gun attached to a robot, to show the differences between a CPU and GPU, or more precisely single-core to multi-core processors. It’s not really a good explanation, but it does look cool.

Update on Ollie Lang’s “Retirement”

This morning there was a post on PBNation under Ollie Lang’s account saying that he was retiring after World Cup this year. Seeing as it was posted by Ollie’s account, it seemed legitimate since the wording of the “retirement”¬† speech was decent and seemed genuine but turns out, it is entirely false. Ollie’s account got phished. No other information has been released about this situation from Ollie or anyone else. So I guess, as of now, Ollie has no plans of retiring and will continue playing paintball for the Ironmen and as a Dye player.

World Cup Registration Open

Registration for the biggest paintball event of the year, PSP World Cup, is now open. All the new goodies are revealed, more teams to play, and cash prize packages. The event will be held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex on October 22-26.

Entry Fees:

X-Ball Div 1 – $2850
X-Ball Div 2 – $2600
X-Ball Div 3 – $2450
Masters Div – $1550

5-Man X-Ball Div 2 – $1500
5-Man X-Ball Div 3 – $1200/$1400
5-Man X-Ball Div 4 – $1000/$1200

Prize Packages:

XBall Division 1
1st – $10,000
2nd – $5,000
3rd – $2,500
4th – $1,500

XBall Division 2
1st – $8,000
2nd – $4,000
3rd – $2,000
4th – $1,000

XBall Division 3
1st – $5,000
2nd – $2,500
3rd – $1,500
4th – $1,000

5-man XBall Division 3
1st – $2,500
2nd – $1,500
3rd – $1,000
4th – $500

5-man XBall Division 4
1st – $1,800
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $600
4th – $300