Xtreme Paintball – NPPL Enters The Can’t Categorize Shows Category

Since watching people play paintball on TV gets boring quickly. They think they’re going to have more luck with their new adventure entitled Xtreme Paintball. If you thought that was already a name of some crappy online store, you’re correct. I mentioned this earlier, but now it has a name and is starting tomorrow.

It’s a 13 episode series that follows around 9 players while they do things. It’s a fresh change from the filming of matches with the occasional 30-second interview at the end. I don’t think it’ll win any Emmy’s, but hopefully it’ll be able to keep my attention for more than a few episodes, which can’t be said about previous paintball TV shows.

It’s called a docudrama, though, unless it’s scripted, which would be a complete failure, it would fall in the category of a reality TV show. A docudrama would be something like Arrested Development, quite the sweet show, not something like Jackass. I guess docudrama sounds cooler and less used than reality tv show, even if it’s completely wrong.

Anyways, it starts tomorrow at 4:30 PM Eastern (and maybe Pacific) on FSN and continues every Tuesday till Christmas Day.

Here’s the promo:

Welt Magazine: 100% Fail

Welt Magazine, a “100% Free, 100% Online” magazine, launched today.

It has to be free and online, or else no one would read it.

They try to put off the whole “we’re badass mother fuckers,” but just fail at it, horribly. It seems like it was written by a 12 year old the night before with punctuation and grammar mistakes everywhere. Who needs to proofread things? We’re badass mother fuckers.

They also love to use cuss words, but don’t actually use them so you end up with “words” like f**k and d*ck everywhere making half of their “magazine” stars.

But there are no long or in depth articles in it. Just a bunch of one-liners and old pictures, with even more annoying and old videos.

It’s Die Hard in a magazine.

Though not really. Die Hard is actually entertaining, while this is just crap. Their hard hitting articles are “How To Bonus Ball In Six Easy Steps” and an interview with one of their “readers” and ask hard hitting questions like “Favorite Cookie?”

Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker

It even includes such great lines as

It ain’t often that you get to see a gun that looks as hot as your best mate’s mom when she passed out naked that one time, but you gotta admit this is one sexy shooter

What? Are you trying to appeal to all those 8 year olds out there? Does that even make sense?

There is nothing like WELT in the world today, probably because of things like lawyers.

Actually, no. It’s a thing called common sense. No one would be stupid enough to release a “magazine” as horrible as this is. I don’t think lawyers had anything to do with it, but if they did, they were some pretty smart lawyers.

PSP River City Open Round Up

Another PSP is over, and like usual, not much happened. Bea Youngs tried her hand at micro-blogging, which was kinda interesting, but the format that it was presented was just lacking. This should’ve been posted yesterday, or really Sunday, but my connection has been a little quirky lately.

But, PBStar does have some footage of the event. I’ve embedded the 3 videos after the scores and jump.

Anyways, Russian Legion, err Boston Red Legion, won the event with Dynasty taking second and the Naughty Dogs and Ironmen filling out third and fourth.

Here are the scores


  1. Boston Red Legion
  2. Dynasty
  3. Naughty Dogs
  4. Ironmen


  1. Avalanche X
  2. San Diego Aftermath
  3. Team Impact
  4. Tampa Bay Damage

D2 Xball

  1. Drama Paintball
  3. TX Justice League
  4. The Caste

D3 Xball

  1. DBS Kidz
  2. Hershey Heat

D3 5-Man

  1. No Limit
  2. Disposable Heroes
  3. Team Encounter
  4. PBD

D4 5-Man

    1. WHO WHAT
    2. DBS Paintball.com
    3. Marked for Life
    4. Chicago WiseGuys 2

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PB2X Bought By Pacific Paintball, Now More Official

We had this story 5 days ago, but now the NPPL is announcing that PB2X magazine has been bought by Pacific Paintball who also happen to own them.

No new information has been released really, and I don’t really feel like typing up a lot for this, so here’s the whole press release.

Pacific Paintball is pleased to announce the acquisition of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine, the preeminent paintball industry magazine. “Pacific Paintball is dedicated to building the finest media based company in paintball. We are a one stop shop for anyone who wants to market to the paintball world,” said Shawn Walker, President of Pacific Paintball. “Now with the industry’s top magazine – Paintball 2Xtremes, the greatest Paintball Tournament Series in the world – the NPPL, the highly successful regional league – the XPSL, the popular live tournament web cast – NPPLLive.com, the upcoming paintball television series airing on Fox Sports Net beginning this October, Pacific Paintball is uniquely positioned to provide industry and non-industry advertisers with a variety of media opportunities that reach paintball’s highly sought after audience and to continue its leadership role as a key supporter of the paintball industry.”

Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine (PB2X) was established in 1996 by John and Mike Henry and later purchased by National Paintball Supply in 2000. John Amodea, who was brought in as the magazine editor in 2000, will continue to serve as editor-in-chief of PB2X. Cheryl Amaya, Publisher of PB2X, said, “We are very excited about joining the Pacific Paintball family and about their desire to continue to grow PB2X. We are also pleased that all of our current management team will be staying with the magazine. This will allow us to continue to provide our readers with the best coverage of all aspects of paintball including; scenario ball, recreational ball, tournament play, professional teams, technical reviews, market news, and local coverage.”

Mr. Walker added, “We plan to invest significant time and resources into PB2X to increase all aspects of the magazine’s offerings, which readers will see over time. The transition will be seamless, with the October issue the first under Pacific Paintball’s management.”

Pacific Paintball was formed by Pacific Merchant Capital (“PMC”), a Santa Barbara, California based investment group. The principals at PMC have owned/operated middle market radio stations as well as built several niche media companies, including the largest taxi top advertising company in the United States, which is currently an integral part of Clear Channel Communications’ outdoor division. In addition to Pacific Paintball, PMC is currently building Brite Media Group, a leading alternative media business.

[Via Mailing List]

SD Feature, PbNation Sponsored

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

PbNation, the site that was so against the NPPL and their Fox Sports deal, is now sponsoring a TV show called SD Feature. It’ll be aired on Colours TV on Dish Network and some cable companies in, count them, 4 states. It means that I, and no one I know, will be watching this on TV.

Also, it’s not really a paintball show. It’s a sports show that features paintball in maybe one or two episodes.

Each episode will feature one sport – Paintball, Martial Arts, or Surfing, with an emphasis on Paintball and the Martial Arts, along with segments that focus on music and fashion in today’s pop culture.

Yup, paintball, right next to martial arts and fashion on a barely available channel. This is going to be a hit!

But the interesting part of this is PbNation. I’m really tired of them making any sort of “news,” if you call this site that, but it’s too ironic to pass up.

They banned the NPPL becuse of it’s Fox Sports deal is now promoting it’s own (well, not it’s own, but they’re sponsoring it) TV show.

Kinda weird, don’t cha think? But they want to make sure everything is clear.

Guys lets keep the NPPL drama out of this thread.

PbN – Guys, no talking about the NPPL thing
Me – But, isn’t it kinda related?
PbN – No, now shut up
Me – But…

Seriously, either this is the worst timed press release ever or the whole PbNation NPPL thing just got a bit fishier. It’s starting to feel like a soap opera. I’m kinda having fun watching PbNation digging itself into a deeper hole.