Planet Eclipse is Hiring

Planet Eclipse is in search for a new tech support employee. The job is based out of Rhode Island and consists of US tech support, traveling throughout North and South America attending national events with the Planet Eclipse tech booth, and offering help or advice to any PE customers.

Planet Eclipse requests that applicants be:
– at least 25yo so that he/she can rent a vehicle
– Have a clean driving record
– High School diploma or higher
– Have a passport or be eligible for a passport
– Proficient with computers
– Capable of interacting with co-workers and customers via e-mail or in person

– Previous experience in mechanical or pneumatic engineering is a plus but not necessary. Candidate will recieve on the job training.

– Being fluent in Spanish as a second language is an advantage. Possibly knowing any other languages fluently may be an advantage, mainly French or Portuguese since those are some other languages you may encounter whilst traveling through the Americas.
– Pay is dependent on what the applicant offers
– Relocation to Rhode Island may be a possibility

Interested applicants that meet the requirements above, send in your CV to Gerry Bates at Plantet Eclipse Rhode Island on: [email protected]

H4X0RZ Invade PE Website

Apparently Planet Eclipse got hacked.

Looks like we might be back to sticks and stones soon.. Some scum bag hacker has attacked the Planet Web site and put in some script on the News Articles which tries to send you off to some other random web site. We have now closed the news section down so should have stopped the issue. Google have rightly put up a warning and we are working with them on getting the warning downgraded / removed. But as these tech-heads talk to me in 00010101010010011111010100100 talk I have no real answers for you. If you’re worried about using the Planet Eclipse Web site until Google give us the all clear then feel free to call us or e-mail us with any orders or problems. If you want to order over the phone, call Stoney on +44 (0)161 872 5572 or e-mail him at [email protected]. We will even give FREE SHIPPING on UK orders over £20 if you mention this letter when you make your order (Not on paintballs before you ask!). I apologise for any inconvenience caused with this issue even if it’s NOTHING to do with us and I hope the people that did it suffer in the eternal fires of hell.

Addictive Paintball o Paintball Adictivo

Addictive paintball is a new internet magazine that reports on anything paintball related in Latin America. The title is somewhat misleading, it’s in english but the entire magazine is in spanish. If I were fluent in spanish then maybe I could give a better review of this online magazine but I’m not so I can’t.

Anyways, the design of the site/magazine is mediocre. To go from page to page, you have to click on a link for each page of the magazine, 1-53. Even just browsing through the damn thing gets annoying. They need to learn how to make it like a real magazine. IE – be able to turn the pages like in the catalogue on empire’s site. That way it’s much more user friendly.

The magazine seems like it’ll have your usual paintball magazine info such as tourney coverage, gun tech, and product reviews. So they’re in the right direction, but they’re still doing it wrong.

From the pictures, it looked like they were having a tourney old school style in the woods with spools and whatever as bunkers but it was 5-man. I found that rather odd. Shitty field but the players have the money to get eg07’s and what not. If they[the players] want to get better, they should stop spending their money and invest it by getting an airball field. Then again I don’t know the whole story for what’s going on down there so…they can do whatever they want, I don’t really care.