Smart Parts Impulse Back Again


Looks like Smart Parts is planing on bringing back the Impulse. It is supposedly going to cost around $1000 and may resemble an Ego. It will be unveiled in Germany at Millennium and will be available for purchase to US players at PSP Chicago Open.

Planet Eclipse Rotary Breach Paintball Marker Patent

This seems interesting. Planet Eclipse filed a patent that was published today detailing a marker with a rotary breach. No clue if this become a reality, though I kinda doubt it will. But here’s the patent and some pictures from it.

Planet Eclipse Rotor Patent Application


Planet Eclipse Geo Specs


weight – 860g/1.89lbs w/ 14″ barrel, battery, on/off, and feedneck
Length – 517mm w/14″ barrel
Width – 31mm
Height – 198mm
Threading – Cocker

Operating Pressure: 110-135psi

MSRP: $1250

Colors available:

Covert (Green/Tan)
Fire (Red/Grey)
Ice (Blue/Grey)
Ninja Black (Black w/Polished Parts)
Pink Lady (White/Pink)
Lagoon (Brown/Teal)

More information is available at Planet Eclipse’s minisite Information on the Ego9 is also available on the minisite.