More Info About The Pikkadoll

_r607940.jpgMore info has been posted about the Pikkadoll, the marker that sounds like a Pokemon, has been posted.

The Pikkadoll is a marker coming out of Sweden that seems to be very close to the Quest or Ion. It supposed to be released in June, which manes within 10 days.

The information today consisted of a features list and an animation on the operation of the marker.


  • Operating pressure close to 100 psi
  • Efficiency 1500+
  • Extremely low reciprocating mass, no kick
  • Speed, as fast as your hopper feeds
  • Flexible Inline design to accommodate future upgrades
  • Interchangeable bolts for user preferred performance
  • Inserts for customizing operating pressure
  • Ball rollback eliminated, shoot the most brittle paint

Animation – Love the recommend Simpsons clips after the video.

More Pics
_r608050.jpg _r608085.jpg

Spyder VS1

Kingman released it’s VS1; it’s third marker in it’s VS Series. This is the cheapest of the VS Series retailing at $199.95.

When compared to hte the VS2 and VS3, it has less milling, a lower quality barrel, no “3G” technology, a lower quality trigger, and a higher, plastic feedneck. It also has breakbeam eyes and a delrin bolt that are also on the VS2 and VS3.

It comes in blue and olive colors.



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