Smart Parts Files Chapter 7

For a while, Smart Parts has been on a steady decline. Their monetary downfall started with them filing for chapter 11 earlier this year and now they have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

IN RE: ) Chapter 11
SMART PARTS, INC. ) Case No. 10-23521-TPA
Debtor. ) Doc. No. _____
) Related to Doc. No. ____
Movant, ) Hearing Date and Time:
v. )
) Response Deadline:
AND NOW, this ____ day of ____________, 2010, and upon consideration of the motion
(the “Motion”) of Smart Parts, Inc. (the “Debtor”) styled: Motion of the Debtor to Convert Its
Chapter 11 Case to a Case under Chapter 7, and it appearing that notice of the Motion has been
adequate and that the relief sought in the Motion is in the best interest of the Debtor, its estate
and creditors and that good and sufficient cause exists for granting the relief sought in the
Motion, it is hereby:
ORDERED, that the Motion is granted; and it is further
ORDERED, that this Chapter 11 case is hereby converted to a case under Chapter 7 of
Title 11 of the United States Code; and it is further
ORDERED, that the United States Trustee is directed to appoint a Chapter 7 trustee as
soon as possible; and it is further
Case 10-23521-TPA Doc 59-1 Filed 07/28/10 Entered 07/28/10 18:23:26 Desc
Proposed Order Page 1 of 2
{P0175119.1 }2
ORDERED that the clerk shall serve a copy of this Order on all creditors and parties
having requested notice.

PSP Phoenix Wrap-up

I would have gotten to this sooner but I got sick on my way back from Phoenix and have been laying around the house for the past few days.

Majority of the pics are from walking the field and some are personal pictures. The last two were taken by Dan Jordan of I found those two pictures in one their galleries on the site.

The weather was really nice the entire event. Sunny with a nice breeze every so often. Driving in Phoenix is lame though; 55mph and 65mph speed limits with speed cameras everywhere. Overall, the event wasn’t that bad even though my team had a major disagreement with the refs on field 5.

There weren’t that many vendors but I didn’t really expect there to be. I was expecting an Empire booth; there wasn’t really one, just a tech type of booth. I also expected a Draxxus booth, again none. Planet Eclipse had a small tent. Dye was the only company with a big tent. From what I can remember, the vendors that were there were KM, Guerrilla Air, Derder, HK/PbFasion, Custom Products, Virtue, Planet Eclipse, Dye, Understood, AlienPB, and PbRack.

I stopped off at the KM tent and found out that they have an energy drink; Sizzurp. Right now, they have one flavor but I forgot which one it is but they are working on another flavor. They are also coming out with their own speed feed system called the Spine. I think they said it was going to be priced around $20 – $25. It looked well made.

Before this event, I was not a fan of HK or the HK trend but after meeting Mark Kressin and spending quite a bit of time at the HK tent, I have to say it’s hard not to want to sport HK since Mark is a really cool guy. For sale in the HK tent were some new soft goods made by Laysick. They had pants, packs, and tank covers.

The pack is the first of its kind in the paintball world. It uses magnets to keep the straps on for the pods, has a slot for you APPA id, and squeegee holders and comes in 3+2 and 4+3. The price of the pack was $50. The tank cover is a 2-piece and comes in lemonade, red, and gray. The price of the tank cover was $25. I bought the tank cover in lemonade and one of my teammates bought the pack in 4+3. So after using them for a couple of practices, I’ll put out a review. The pants looked well made and padded. The only color they had at the booth was olive. The official debut of all the Laysick gear will be in April, most likely at Huntington Beach.

Also, I just want to say to whomever it is on Infamous with the hot ass brunette chick…NICE! And that Keely looks fine as hell with blonde hair.

NPPL Presents Heaven on Earth

For Huntington Beach, NPPL has brought back the Angel Heaven VIP Party.

Price: Free for all original Angel owners(Just bring your proof of purchase and ID to registration)
$40/day for the others
$100 for all 3 days of the event

ID required if you plan on drinking

Contact [email protected] to reserve your spot