Deathstix Barrel Kits

This is the second version  of the Deathstix barrel kit and are brought to you by paintball assassin These barrels are carbon fiber,have 5to 5 porting and come in 14″,16″, and 24″. The kit includes 4 interchangeable backs (.686, .689, .692, and  .695) and a fancy hard case for your barrel carrying needs. Deathstix barrels can be purchased at

Prices are:

14” Deathstix Kit will cost $154.99
16” Deathstix Kit will cost $164.99
24” Tactical Sniper Tip is $179.99
Plus $15 shipping/kit anywhere in the world( is located in the land down under, Australia)

SPLATXD first issue online

SPLATXD is splat magazine except now online. Splat will no longer be sold in stores. I didn’t really read through the issue but I did “flip” through the pages and from what I saw, it looked very nice. It’s pretty much what any Splat magazine was like but now it’s on your computer monitor and there are little videos throughout the issue. It kind of sucks that you have no control over the videos though, but I assume that Splat is working on that.

DM8 & PM8

Dye has issued a press rleease about it’s upcoming DM8 and PM8 markers. It’s pretty much the same ol’ schpeel. It’s a milled, slightly smaller version of last years marker.

There are a couple of other changes, such as the Hyper III reg, which is “totally redesigned” and completely badass now. Cool, I guess. And they now come with an ultralite frame.

Think I covered everything.