House Rentals at World Cup

This year PSP introduces a new place to stay for World Cup. They made a deal with Florida Deluxe Villas and now have luxury condos and houses for rent.  There are 2 types of housing units to choose from: Villas at Somerset and Florida Deluxe Villas; and are only minutes away from Disney’s World Wide of Sports.

The Villas at Somerset:
– 3 bed/2 bath condo
– Full Kitchen
– Laundry
– Sleeps up to 8 people
– $89 per night + taxes (must mention code PSPFDV to get the deal)

Florida Deluxe Villas:
– 4 or 5 bedroom house
– Fully Furnished
– Full Kitchen
– Laundry
– Pool
– Some houses may have game rooms or spas
– Sleeps up to 12
– Starting at $120 per night + taxes (must mention code PSPFDV to get the deal)

New Knee Pads from NXe

In addition to their new elbow pads, NXe has a new design for their knee pads. The knee shield features 10-layer padding, wider fitting, 3mm breathable neoprene construction, specially woven cushioned velcro-embedded elastic, and an open back for flexibility and all-weather comfort.

Sizes available are S/M, L, XL, and XXL

The cost of NXe’s Knee Shield is $49.99

NPPL 5-Man?

NPPL now has a 5-man format that will make its debut at NPPL Houston, September 19-21, 2008. The divisions open to the 5-man format are D3 and D4. I guess a new division for NPPL also makes its debut at Houston. In 5-man format, it is center flag rather than the opposite side, and there is a 5-minute time limit instead of 7-minutes. Teams have a choice of what day they want to play their 7 pre-lim matches, Friday or Saturday with finals on Sunday.

Entry fees:

Div3 – Friday/Sunday – $1000 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1100 after
Div3 – Saturday/Sunday – $1100 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1200 after
Div4 – Friday/Sunday – $900 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1000 after
Div4 – Saturday/Sunday – $1000 before Aug. 29, 2008 $1100 after


1st – $2,250
2nd -$1,250
3rd – $750
4th – $500

1st – $1,800
2nd -$1,000
3rd – $600
4th – $300

Division 3 qualifiers – (For players who have never played D2 or higher in the NPPL)
Division 4 qualifiers – (For players who have never played in the NPPL before)

Exalt Paintball Cleats

Exalt has designed a pair of paintball specific cleats. These cleats are targeted towards tournament players, as these shoes are built for speed, traction, and durability. They are modeled after track shoes, spikes in the front and very lightweight. Unlike track shoes though, the exalt cleats do not have metal spikes, seeing that in most places metal spikes are illegal, instead there are golf cleats which are very good for traction on turf.

Sizes available are 9,10,11, and 12 (The fitting is similar to casual shoes, if you wear size 11 for casual shoes; choose the size 11 for the Exalt Cleats. If you are a size 10.5 or 10 in casual shoes; choose size 10 for the Exalt Cleats)

Included with the cleats
– 1 Cleat Bag
– 1 set of plastic golf spikes (installed)
– 1 set of rounded aluminum/plastic spikes
– spare spikes and spike tool.

The price for these shoes is $80.00 *Exalt is located in Canada so shipping may cost a bit and could possibly take a while to be shipped to your door. Not really sure, I have never purchased anything from a business based in Canada.

Overall, these cleats look nice and very well made. If I had extra money to spare, I would pick up a pair of these for myself.