NPPL “Leaves the Light On For You”

NPPL has teamed up with Motel 6. Motel 6 has offered at 10% discount to all players in need of a place to stay during NPPL events. The lowest priced hotel chain has become even less of an impact on your wallet.

Reservations can be made online or by phone(1-800-4MOTEL6 (1-800-466-8356))

Must mention the NPPL code,“CP543036”, to recieve the discount.

Virtue Laser Eyes for Halo’s

These laser eyes are backed by a lifetime warranty, use less power than stock eyes, and are an easy way to know if your hopper is able to “see”.

Key Features:

*Enhanced eye operation
*Improved battery life and reliability
*Dual spectrum technology (DST): Infrared and visible light
*Glowing laser eyes instantly confirms eye operation
*Compatible with stock board and all aftermarket boards
*Lifetime warranty

Colors available are red, green, and blue. Price per pair is 29.99 + s/h


Yesterday, there was a photo of Ollie using what was believed to be a DM9, and last night, Dye posted a video of the new DM9, though I didn’t notice since I was too busy playing Spore, which is awesome by the way.

The video just consists of fading/focusing shots of the marker followed by the features, which most seem to be patent pending. Thanks for letting me know Dye; I was planning on copying that.

It seems to be a DM8 that’s been milled with a new eye holder thing. The milling, I think, looks kinda like the old Shocktech DM5, but with more and sleeker lines. They also finally removed the on/off that no one ever used.

It’s nothing really game changing or new, but it’s what you would expect from Dye.