Yesterday, there was a photo of Ollie using what was believed to be a DM9, and last night, Dye posted a video of the new DM9, though I didn’t notice since I was too busy playing Spore, which is awesome by the way.

The video just consists of fading/focusing shots of the marker followed by the features, which most seem to be patent pending. Thanks for letting me know Dye; I was planning on copying that.

It seems to be a DM8 that’s been milled with a new eye holder thing. The milling, I think, looks kinda like the old Shocktech DM5, but with more and sleeker lines. They also finally removed the on/off that no one ever used.

It’s nothing really game changing or new, but it’s what you would expect from Dye.

Update on Ollie Lang’s “Retirement”

This morning there was a post on PBNation under Ollie Lang’s account saying that he was retiring after World Cup this year. Seeing as it was posted by Ollie’s account, it seemed legitimate since the wording of the “retirement”  speech was decent and seemed genuine but turns out, it is entirely false. Ollie’s account got phished. No other information has been released about this situation from Ollie or anyone else. So I guess, as of now, Ollie has no plans of retiring and will continue playing paintball for the Ironmen and as a Dye player.

DM8 & PM8

Dye has issued a press rleease about it’s upcoming DM8 and PM8 markers. It’s pretty much the same ol’ schpeel. It’s a milled, slightly smaller version of last years marker.

There are a couple of other changes, such as the Hyper III reg, which is “totally redesigned” and completely badass now. Cool, I guess. And they now come with an ultralite frame.

Think I covered everything.