X Paintball: Beyond the Paint

I happened to be channel surfing and it seems that season 2 of X paintball: Beyond the paint has begun airing today. It airs at 4:30ct on fsn. I only saw a couple of episodes from the first season because I had class when it aired last year so I’m not entirely sure if anything is different from last season.

The show started with coverage from NPPL Jacksonville 2008 and interviews with many of the top pros. They talked about future events so they may be covering those events as well but that’s unlikely due to amount of time needed for video editing. It’s pretty much the same show from what I know, just with new footage. It’s still not as good as the ESPN coverage of Commander’s Cup in 2006 then again Beyond the Paint has a slightly different direction with the show. Still, it’s nice to see paintball on tv at a decent time.

Sponsors for the show are Spyder, KEE, Rockstar Energy Drinks, JT Sports, and the United States Marine Corps.

Utah SUCKS!!!

South Jordan, UT is considering a ban on paintball markers, BB guns, air guns, and gun replicas. The city council is considering this ban because the police have received many complaints about people running around with weapons but then it turns out that those “weapons” are actually fake. People need to realize what’s real and what’s not and those idiots that are running around with their airsoft guns, paintball markers, or replicas should not do it in an area where there are plenty of people to see. Similar bans have already been en stated  in other cities in Utah, such cities include: Salt Lake City, West Jordan, West Valley City and North Salt Lake.

SPLATXD first issue online

SPLATXD is splat magazine except now online. Splat will no longer be sold in stores. I didn’t really read through the issue but I did “flip” through the pages and from what I saw, it looked very nice. It’s pretty much what any Splat magazine was like but now it’s on your computer monitor and there are little videos throughout the issue. It kind of sucks that you have no control over the videos though, but I assume that Splat is working on that.

Addictive Paintball o Paintball Adictivo

Addictive paintball is a new internet magazine that reports on anything paintball related in Latin America. The title is somewhat misleading, it’s in english but the entire magazine is in spanish. If I were fluent in spanish then maybe I could give a better review of this online magazine but I’m not so I can’t.

Anyways, the design of the site/magazine is mediocre. To go from page to page, you have to click on a link for each page of the magazine, 1-53. Even just browsing through the damn thing gets annoying. They need to learn how to make it like a real magazine. IE – be able to turn the pages like in the catalogue on empire’s site. That way it’s much more user friendly.

The magazine seems like it’ll have your usual paintball magazine info such as tourney coverage, gun tech, and product reviews. So they’re in the right direction, but they’re still doing it wrong.

From the pictures, it looked like they were having a tourney old school style in the woods with spools and whatever as bunkers but it was 5-man. I found that rather odd. Shitty field but the players have the money to get eg07’s and what not. If they[the players] want to get better, they should stop spending their money and invest it by getting an airball field. Then again I don’t know the whole story for what’s going on down there so…they can do whatever they want, I don’t really care.