Loader Shell for Every Loader

SPO Gear has developed a loader shell that will fit the majority of the loaders out on the market, the VLocity, VLocity jr., Halo B, Reloader B, and the magna. Supposedly it will also come with two tops, one with a speed feed like design and a the other being a traditional flip lid. SPO gear will be making the shells but Macdev will be the distributors.

New Knee Pads from NXe

In addition to their new elbow pads, NXe has a new design for their knee pads. The knee shield features 10-layer padding, wider fitting, 3mm breathable neoprene construction, specially woven cushioned velcro-embedded elastic, and an open back for flexibility and all-weather comfort.

Sizes available are S/M, L, XL, and XXL

The cost of NXe’s Knee Shield is $49.99

New Elbow Pads from NXe

NXe has realesed a new design for their elbow pads. The Techna-flex elbow sheield is significantly better looking than the previous design; mainly for the fact that it’s black. Seeing as it is an armpad, it is not that much different from any other arm pad out on the market. Additionally, like most arm pads, NXe’s armpad also has breathable neoprene and moisture wicking lycra.

One difference though, is that the outer layer of the pad is made from ballistic nylon and is skid resistant. So sliding around on those rocky or rough surfaces should keep the integrity of your armpads intact.  Another unique characteristic of these armpads is that they have a three tier securing system. The purpose of the system is to make sure that the arm pad does not move around during play. The first tier is a hand sleeve, much like planet eclipse’s arm pads. The second is a wrist fastening strap which is supposed to “anchor” your arm pad. And the third tier is an upper arm or bicep strap which, apparently, is cusioned. This strap further holds the pad in place, preventing it from sliding down on anyone who has a skinny arm.

The price for the new NXe Techna-flex Elbow Shield is $49.99. Sizes available are S/M, L, and XL.

Player A. Lulz All Around.

So a new company (Player A) came out (of the closet) last week, and it’s backed by the the super badass, I’m so freaking hardcore, and not gay, Markus Nielsen.

LOL. Check out my grillz, homie. You know I be representin’, foo

Anyways, it’s one of those “OMG! You’re such a badass motherfucker if you buy our shit.” company (see Hybrid, and all the other copy cat ones) that brings nothing creative or interesting to the table. Also, you’ll be the most original and creative motherfucker ever if you buy their mass produced crap.

OMG Look. I’m flicking you off. I’m hardcore!!!111!2.

Their profile page, hilarious. They really believe that. Their shirts, hilariously bad. Cheat? Great verb on a shirt. You know why you usually put a subject in a sentence? To know who the hell is it’s referring to. Who’s cheating? You? Me? That guy over there? The little kid playing pokemon in the corner? Or you have the wiping hits shirt. They tried to be all cool motherfuckers on the front, with their whole cheating agenda, but pussied out on the back.

OMG! High Voltage. This is so dangerous. You must think I’m the master of all things hardcore now.

The girlfriend doesn’t disappoint on fail. Nice 10 second photoshop job with the awesome impact font. And awesome girl silhouette with a star on her vajayjay, so we think about her vajayjay and all the great vajayjay we’re going to get with this ultimate badass shirt.

Lulz. Get it? It’s a reference to Nike’s slogan (do they still even use it?). No one has ever done that before. Isn’t it clever? LOL

No. You want to know what a real hardcore Aussie does? He drives 90 mph (150 km/h in crazy Aussie speak) with 10 pounds of pot in the trunk and 2 plants in the backseat, with a loaded .22 in the back, which he used for shooting kangaroos from his car whilst driving, all while masturbating and filming it. That’s hardcore. Lame shirts aren’t.

Another Stako Tank Blows It’s Top

It seems that another Stako tank blew up in the UK on Sunday. Does anyone know why it happened? Nope. Does anyone know what’s to blame? Nope. Does that prevent anyone from wildly speculating about why it happened and whose to blame? Hell no. That’s what this sport is about. And I try to follow that tradition.

If anyone doesn’t know, Stako makes the really light air tank that’s only available across the pond. It’s not DOT approved, possibly for good reason, so it’s not available here.

Speculation time. First, someone put oil in their air nipple (hehe, nipple) which then gets blow into the bottle, and the subsequent pressure makes it go boom. Right. Now I’m no chemist, my chemistry knowledge comes from high school and a semester of it a year ago, but here’s what I see would happen.

I’m not sure the amount of pressure it would take for oil to ignite, but let’s just say it will at however much the tank is being filled up at for the sake of this.

But once it reaches the amount of pressure for it to combust, it tries to explode. The amount of oil present is probably pretty low, I think something like 10-100 microliters. A very small amount. In order to combust, it needs the presence of Oxygen. If you fill up with straight up Nitrogen, which is kinda rare, it shouldn’t be able to combust or at least not to the full extent, but most fill stations use regular air (mostly Nitrogen btw).

Anyways, the amount of pressure change that the really small explosion creates shouldn’t be the one to two thousand psi in 68 ci needed to blow the tank, since most tanks are supposed to be able to hold 6000-7000 psi, just not for extended times. I also thought there should be some sort pressure disk that will go out if the pressure it too high, but whatever. I just don’t think the combustion of a really small amount of oil will cause some huge explosion.

The other explanation is that Stako tanks just blow up. They are the main difference between tanks that have exploded compared to tanks that have not exploded. They were also banned by the Millennium Series for some time. When they first were coming out, people kept thinking they would explode. They have some weird expanding tube that causes “bubbling”.

And my personal favorite, the heat from the flash fill melts the aluminum of the reg. I you’re wondering, the melting point of Aluminum is about 900 Kelvin. As in 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the tank’s temperature rose to that degree, I’m pretty sure there’s no way I would be holding it or even be within any sort of close distance to it. Now yes, aluminum isn’t good with heat, but I don’t think it’s going to be melting during a fill. (And note, they don’t use pure aluminum, it’s an aluminum alloy, though that might be with a metal with a lower melting point than aluminum, like zinc).

But my hypothesis is Smart Parts did it. It’s always their fault somehow.