Animal Paintball’s Bonus Ball Package

Animal Paintball is a company that makes custom jerseys. The bonus ball package is when you order 3 or more team jerseys, you get a headwrap for free. Headwraps can be substituted for headbands. The price of a jersey is $65 + s/h. Creation of a custom jersey consists of team name placement, team logo placement, player name placement, player number placement, and sponsor logo placement. Also, when you or your team orders 5 or more jerseys, Animal will do 3 free hours of artwork for your custom jersey design.

Here are some pics of the jerseys Animal made for my team.

More of Animal’s work can be seen in their example section.

JT Lowers Prices for Everyone

As an early holiday gift, JT Sports has announced that they are lowering the prices of their products. I’m assuming they have decided to do this due to the decline in the economy.

“We recognize that many household budgets are tight this year so we have taken a proactive step to help ease some of the burden for our loyal customers by helping them stretch their dollars this holiday season.”